What Trailers Are Suitable For The Construction Industry?

One industry that relies on trailers for smooth operation is the construction industry. Site managers and workers use different trailers to transport materials and heavy equipment. While there are so many trailers out there, not all can serve as construction trailers. Let’s look at some trailers that are best suited for the construction industry.

What trailers are useful in the construction industry?

Most trailers can be useful on a construction site, but that doesn’t mean you should get just any trailer. Before purchasing construction trailers, you should consider your needs and what you hope to achieve with the trailer. The following are some trailers that are useful in the construction industry;

  • Box trailers (painted galvanised, tandem axle, and hot dip galvanised)

Box trailers are great for transporting equipment in an enclosed space. The box trailers with lids protect cargo from harsh elements like the sun, rain, and even dust. These trailers also have a lock that secures cargo from theft. 

The box trailers from Trailers 2000 are 100% Aussie-made. Our box trailers are available in painted, tandem axle, and hot dip galvanised models. The painted galvanised trailer is available in 12 colors, a galvanised steel construction, and a 750kg ATM. If you need extra load capacity, you can go for our tandem axle box trailers which come in 2000kg, 2900kg, 3000kg, and 3200kg ATM capacities.

Box trailer
  • Box trailers with cages

Using a box trailer with cage is a practical way to move construction materials around. The cages on top of the trailer ensure that the materials remain secure during and after transport. Since box trailers with cages are hot dip galvanised, they can resist rust. As part of their features, the cages are 600mm high with a square section mesh size of 75mm X 50mm. The enclosures are also easy to assemble and disassemble. 

box trailer with cage
  • Hydraulic tipping trailers

Hydraulic tipping trailers are some of the most critical and helpful construction trailers. A hydraulic tipping trailer carries a heavy load and uses hydraulics to tip the load to the ground. 

One advantage of this trailer is that it eliminates the process of unloading cargo. The hydraulic tipping trailers from Trailers 2000 are available in painted and hot dip galvanised finish.  Some impressive features of this trailer include an extra heavy-duty chassis, hydraulic fluid reservoir, extended drawbar, and a minimum tilt angle of 45°. 

Hydraulic tipping trailers
  • Car trailers (galvanised and painted)

In situations where you need to move a vehicle around the construction site, you can make use of a car trailer. They have adequate features and build quality to carry cars. The car trailers from Trailers 2000 have heavy tie points and a magnetic trailer plug.

You can get the standard 2000kg ATM car trailer to carry smaller vehicles, but you’d need the available 2490 kg and 3000kg ATM trailers to tow heavier cars. If you wish, you can opt for electric brakes and rocker suspension. 

Car trailers
  • Tradesman’s trailers

A tradesman’s trailer does more than transport tools and equipment. In addition to its primary function, workers or tradesmen use this trailer to store their tools. The tradesman’s trailer is available in a corrosion-resistant galvanised steel chassis and frame. 

There’s a painted model with a variety of colour options as well. For security, the trailer has flush mount locks on the doors and stainless steel hinges. Depending on your needs, you can order a custom-made tradesman’s trailer. There’s a single axle and tandem axle version.

tradesman's trailer
  • Uni trailers

Uni trailers or universal trailers can serve a range of purposes. Like most of our trailers, the uni trailers are sturdy with galvanised steel construction. Some attractive features include heavy-duty tie points, a jockey wheel clamp, and a spare wheel bracket. The trailers are available in single-axle 6×4 and 8×5 configurations.

Uni trailers
  • Custom trailers

With custom trailers, you can choose features and tailor the trailer to your needs. You can customise any trailer on the Trailers 2000 catalogue, and the customisable options are endless. Every trailer from Trailers 2000 has custom options such as side steps, ladder racks, high sides, swing tailgates, off-road conversions, and more. 

Custom trailer
  • Off-road trailers

Off-road trailers are suited for rough roads and conditions. Construction sites are often harsh, so you should get an off-road trailer to tow equipment. 

One benefit of off-road trailers over other trailers is that the suspension is heavier. Also, deep sides are a standard feature for off-road trailers. Other features like 16×6 stud hubs, checker plate flooring, complete chassis, and a magnetic trailer plug are also standard. 

Off-road trailer
  • Water cartage trailer

Water cartage trailers assist in transporting portable polyethylene water tanks for dust suppression, landscaping, and more. We have water cartage trailers available in single-axle and tandem-axle models. 

Of course, the tandem axle trailer has more capacity. The single-axle water cartage trailer has mechanical disc brakes and a 1500 kg ATM, while the tandem axle model is available in up to 4000 kg ATM.

Water cartage trailer
  • Scissor lift trailers

These trailers are for the specific use of transporting scissor lifts and other similar machinery. Trailers 2000 has scissor lift trailers made with galvanised steel and solid steel axles. Our scissor lift trailers can operate in harsh Australian conditions without succumbing to rust. They’re available in 2000 kg – 4500 kg ATMs. 

Scissor lift trailer
  • Plant trailers

The plant trailer looks similar to the scissor lift trailer, but the difference is in their functions. Plant trailers are suitable for safely and efficiently transporting heavy machinery such as excavators. These trailers are available with rocker roller suspension in 2000 kg – 4500 kg ATMs.

Plant trailer
  • Confined space training trailers 

A confined space training trailer is a cost-effective means of providing space for employee and client training. The training in question could be either on-site or off-site. Confined space training trailers from Trailers 2000 are unique in design and construction. 

These trailers are available in size configurations of 9×5, 10×5, 10×6, and 12×6. You can customise the height of your trailer from between 1450 mm – 2400 mm. 

Confined space training trailer

All our trailers are Aussie-made and can operate in rugged Australian terrain and weather. In addition to their stellar build, our construction trailers come with a two year warranty and free two years of roadside assistance. Contact a Trailers 2000 expert to buy the perfect construction trailer today.