What Are The Features Of A Luggage Trailer?

There are so many types of trailers available, with each having a unique purpose and load capacity. The best trailer for you typically depends on its purpose. For example, if you wanted to move plant like a bobcat around, you’d need a plant trailer. 

On the other hand, an enclosed trailer would be best for transporting items that need to be protected from the weather, and a car trailer is excellent for transporting cars from one location to another. There are also hydraulic tipping trailers, tradesman trailers, scissor lift trailers, mining trailers, and luggage trailers which we will look at in more depth here.

What is a luggage trailer?

A luggage trailer is an excellent choice for people who plan on hitting the road for a holiday and realise they need extra storage space.

Unlike other trailers, which are mostly open, the luggage trailer is designed to be closed, allowing you to store your items within its confinement safely.

Besides their shape, luggage trailers are the same as other trailers. They also have similar hitches depending on the type you are getting, and they also are available in similar sizes.

luggage trailer

Who needs a luggage trailer?

Many individuals and organisations depend on luggage trailers to move their cargo around. Examples of people and organisations that need luggage trailers include:

  • Airports
  • Bus companies
  • Private individuals moving houses
  • Mobile workstation for tradies
  • Shuttle service companies
  • Campers / holidaying families

Why should I get a luggage trailer?

A luggage trailer can be a big help if you’re going on a rustic kind of holiday. It makes it easy to transport things like your camping equipment and other bulky items.

It is also a perfect choice for those who transport valuables that could be damaged in the course of the transportation. We give detailed explanations of why you should use a luggage trailer below.

  • Luggage trailers offer reinforced protection

High-grade security is a primary function of a luggage trailer. Our checker plate design and flush mount locks make the luggage trailer appear more like a fortress on wheels where you can park comfortably and store valuables securely.

  • Heavy-duty luggage trailers are built for multi-purposes

Luggage trailers have fully welded trailer bodies and chassis along with solid-axle design for all types of travel and transportation purposes.

Its support beams and underfloor also provide extra strength while driving along unsealed roads or gravel where debris or rocks may try to damage the underside of the trailer.

What are the features of a luggage trailer?

Our aluminum-bodied luggage trailers possess a high-quality gloss finish, with the polished checker plate around its base being the primary feature that contributes to the spectacular finish of the trailer.

The luggage trailer has a composite aluminum body, LED lights, new tyres and wheels, galvanised steel chassis, and frame, which are all standard.

Additionally, it is equipped with sealed steel doors which are fitted with gas struts, flush mount locks, and heavy-duty steel hinges. This trailer is available in a variety of standard colours like red, black, blue, white,  silver and green. You can also customise this trailer with side doors to match your needs.

We also manufacture low-maintenance galvanised steel luggage trailers. They are designed with under-door gutters for improved weather resistance, heavy-duty hinges, and side-opening rear doors with flush mount locks.

luggage trailer

Size range and options

Depending on your luggage trailer of choice, the body of your trailer can be designed from aluminum, composite materials, or steel. Our excellent design offers customers a trailer with a superior chassis that is stronger, rust-free, and long-lasting.

The sizes available for our luggage trailer include the following:

  • 6 × 4
  • 7 × 4
  • 7 × 5
  • 8 × 5

Thankfully, they come with a 2-year warranty and 2-year roadside assistance too.

Furthermore, with a size range of 1100 mm to 1800 mm, you can select a perfect height that suits your needs.

Depending on your needs, you can also install lift-up rear doors with gas struts which are optional on the galvanised steel trailer range, or ladder racks which are optional on both trailer ranges.

Can I get customised luggage trailers?

Yes, you can get a customised luggage trailer designed to your specifications. With over three decades in the business of building quality trailers for Australians and Australian roads, Trailers 2000 has what it takes to help you bring the trailer of your dreams alive.

How to select a luggage trailer

A luggage trailer is a considerable investment, and to get the best out of it, you have to select one that suits your purpose. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a luggage trailer.

  • What are you hauling?
  • Cargo payload capacity
  • Build materials
  • Warranty
  • Brand recognition
  • Tyres and flooring
  • Finishes
  • Lighting and wiring
  • Ramps
  • Brakes, axles, and suspension

Whatever your trailer needs, Trailers 2000 is up to the task. Our luggage trailers are designed to save you the stress of moving your camping gear, luggage, and tools from one point to another. Visit our luggage trailer page today or contact us for all your trailer needs.