How To Tow A Car With A Car Trailer

Imagine you have to move your project car around often. Would you rather hire a towing company every time or have your own car trailer? With a car trailer, you can easily transport your car around. A car trailer is an investment you should consider making if you usually have to move your car around. 

What is a car trailer? 

Trailers help to move goods, but car trailers are specifically for cars. We can think of different scenarios that will warrant using a car trailer. You might need to move your vehicle to your new home or transport a project car. Car trailers are the most suitable and safest mode of auto transport when done correctly. A bonus point is avoiding adding to your towed vehicle’s mileage when you use a trailer. 

Car trailers can accommodate sedans, compact cars, SUVs, and even heavier vehicles like trucks. Additionally, car trailers have more sturdy material that enables them to withstand heavy weight. The car trailers from Trailers 2000 use galvanised steel manufacturing material. Car trailers give you control and safety because you get to transport your car yourself.

car trailer

What are the towing capabilities of a car trailer?

Trailers 2000 has car trailers available in a variety of capabilities. The standard galvanised car trailer has a 2000 kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM). However, there’s a 2490 kg ATM and a 3000 kg ATM option for heavier vehicles. If you’re unfamiliar with trailer weight specifications, the ATM is the total weight a trailer can support when loaded. 

You can use a car of standard weight to tow the 2000 kg ATM trailer. These standard cars can do basic towing, but you’ll need a bigger 4×4 vehicle for heavy-duty towing. You can fit small sedans and compact cars in a 2000 kg ATM trailer. For bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks, you’ll need a 3200 kg car trailer. 

What are the features of a car trailer?

The many available features of the Trailers 2000 car trailer make it more than a car carrier. Apart from cars, you can use car trailers to carry lawn mowers and heavy equipment. The galvanised car trailer has a magnetic trailer plug, a long galvanised drawbar, and sturdy tie points. 

For slippage prevention, the trailer floor has galvanised checker plate material with 3900 mm length x 1910 mm width. One crucial standard feature of this car trailer is that it comes with new 14 inches wheels and tyres. There’s also a jockey wheel included as part of the standard package.

In addition to the galvanised 50 mm square chassis, the trailer features high-tensile steel axles that help to support the weight. The 40 mm square tandem axles are more expansive than regular trailers and perfect for hauling cars. 

Although the car trailer uses mechanical override discs and front axle brakes, drivers can opt for the available electric brakes. Rocker suspension is also available as an option. 

Car trailer

What are the key things a driver should know before towing a loaded car trailer? 

Before attempting to drive a loaded car trailer, there are some things you should know. These tips apply to towing in general, and they help to ensure safety while towing. Some of these tips include;

  1. Check the trailer tyres

When preparing to tow, many drivers neglect to inspect their trailer tyres. Some drivers check the tyre pressure on the towing vehicle, but not enough drivers check the trailer tyres. The heavy weight of a loaded car trailer makes this tip much more critical.

  1.  Ensure that the towing vehicle is in good shape

The towing vehicle and car trailer should be in top condition before you start towing. Car trailers are heavy and can stress out a towing vehicle. Always ensure to grease the bearings, tighten up the wheel lug nuts, and maintain the towing vehicle. 

  1.  Adjust trailer brakes depending on the load

If you opt for the optional electric brakes, you’ll be able to adjust the brake power level. The amount of brake force a car trailer uses should depend on the amount of load you’re carrying. It would be best if you didn’t tow heavy loads using low brake force and vice versa. 

  1.  Get help if you need it

If you’re using a car trailer for the first time, you should get help from a friend. The presence of someone who knows more about car trailers can make everything faster and easier to hitch. 

  1.  Ensure even weight distribution

For safety purposes, ensure you load the vehicle in a way that distributes its weight around the trailer. Drive the car nose-first into the trailer to achieve even weight distribution at the centre. 

Aside from the tips, we’ve listed above, ensure that you follow all the safety rules that govern car trailer towing. 

How do I safely secure the car to the trailer?

Safety is of utmost importance when towing, and you have to secure the car to the trailer to achieve safety correctly. You can either drive the car onto the trailer or use a winch to pull it through the slide-away ramps at the trailer’s rear. Once the vehicle is on the trailer, you must tie it down with straps. The straps should go over the tyres. Also, use ratchet straps to prevent the car from moving once the trailer is in motion and use wheel chocks behind the tyres. 

Car trailers are a convenient option when you have a car to transport over a long distance. Trailers 2000 offers the opportunity to either buy or rent car trailers. All our trailers and parts are Australian-made. At Trailers 2000, we also provide hydraulic tipping trailers, plant trailers, and luggage trailers. You can also find mining trailers, construction trailers, and tradesman trailers in our stock. Contact a Trailers 2000 expert today to get a car trailer.