Why we’re Australia’s favourite

We design and build Australia’s best value, quality galvanised trailer range. Built tough. Built to last. All trailers feature high quality Australian designed parts and accessories and include outstanding features – Smart lighting design On our painted galvanised trailer range the lights are strategically located above the cross member and protected by a heavy duty guard, preventing damage.

2 Year Warranty

Trailers 2000 provides a 2 Year Warranty on every trailer.

24/7 Roadside Assist

Trailers 2000 is the only manufacturer in Australia to offer TRAILER ASSIST, exclusive 24/7 Roadside Assistance, for free. The Australia Wide 24 Hour, 7 Day Roadside Service gives peace of mind all year round.

New Generation Wiring

All wiring is smart designed, channelled through hollow section, protecting against stones, and wear and tear.

Superior chassis design and strength

Manufactured from high tensile SHS and RHS, this means greater strength. Our universal trailer range is a great example of our superior design, featuring Trailers 2000 clip panel system, incorporating a 50mm square section cross member every 300mm along the entire length of the trailer.

Built tough

The “Built tough” philosophy has been applied to all aspects of design. Self piercing riveting technology is used throughout our galvanised trailer range providing superior strength and durability to the trailer body. This world leading technology is used by motor vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and many others. More cross members in our trailer chassis across the entire range means more strength and durability. The galvanised trailer range has the added strength of the second drawbar chassis running the full length of the trailer and the combination of these two chassis makes it one of our toughest. The rear cross members are a full hollow section, so our trailers are stronger. On the painted galvanised trailer range the rear gussets are fully welded into the cross member producing a stronger structure – so when the tailgate is open the trailer sides are strong and stable.

New Wheels and tyres

At Trailers 2000 we won’t compromise on quality. So new wheels and tyres are standard across our range.

Checkerplate floor
The tougher, stronger surface means durability.
Better lighting
Weatherproof LED lights are fitted on our galvanised trailer range. They’re brighter, safer and superior, with a superior polycarbonate lens & ADR approved.
Magnetic Trailer Plug
Every trailer comes fitted with Australia’s only magnetic trailer plug, a safeguard against damage when not hitched. It attaches to the trailer drawbar when not in use.
Jockey Wheel Clamp is Standard
A jockey wheel clamp is standard on all single axle trailers to enable a jockey wheel to be fitted at any time. A jockey wheel is standard on all tandem axle trailers.
Revolutionary Versatility
All trailers include four revolutionary corner utility posts to enable fitting of a cage or rack quickly and easily.

100% Galvanised
Our trailers offer greater protection from harsh environments while maintaining great appearance:

1. Zinc, galvanised steel. It extends the life cycle of steel and reduces maintenance costs. It also helps saves resources, is recyclable and protects human health.

2. Sealed floor on the zinc painted range stops moisture seeping into seams, giving added protection to the trailer.

3. All zinc galvanised and painted trailers are undercoated in a zinc rich primer providing a sound base for our enamel finish.

4. All chassis are manufactured using high tensile SHS and RHS, offering greater strength. The integral chassis on the uni trailers is formed using clip panel which provides a 50mm square section cross member every 300mm along the entire length of the trailer

5. The trailers have square corner posts in all four corners as standard allowing for fittings such as ladder racks at any time and those corner posts correctly run from top to bottom of the trailer holding the entire section together – not just the top of the body.

6. The zinc galvanised and painted trailers are joined with longer and more consistent welds much larger and stronger than tiny spot welds so regularly seen elsewhere.

7. The zinc galvanised and painted trailers are fitted with wear plates above the springs preventing the springs from wearing into the chassis.

8. The rear cross member is a full length hollow section giving our trailers a stronger and more reliable structure – superior to the flimsy light duty channel seen regularly in other trailers.

9. The rear gussets on the zinc galvanised and painted range of trailers are fully welded into the rear cross member offering a very rigid structure – so when the tailgate is opened the sides can’t be pushed apart.

10. All wiring is channelled through hollow section or hidden away beneath the trailer giving greater protection for wiring against stones and other wear and tear.

11. Our wiring harness is just one piece. There are no pointless joins eliminating unnecessary problems

12. Break resistant lights are standard on all models and the lenses are manufactured from poly carbonate making them very difficult to break.

13. Lights on the zinc galvanised and painted range of trailers are strategically located above the cross member and surrounded by a heavy duty guard further reducing damage risk.

14. A jockey wheel clamp is standard on all trailers so a jockey wheel can be fitted at a later date if required.

15. The convenience of a quick release coupling is standard on all trailers.

16. 2 year warranty.

17. Built strong.

18. Fact sheet outlining care of your trailer.

19. Award winning design.

20. 24 Hour 7 Day Roadside Assistance with every trailer. Security of dealing with the most reputable recognised trailer manufacturer in Australia and winner of the Telstra & Australian Governments’ Small Business Awards 2005 Panasonic Business Award and 2005 Country Wide Incentive Award.