Congratulations on purchasing your trailer, manufactured by Trailers 2000. Built & Bred in Australia. Your new trailer is covered by a 24 month structural Warranty.

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1. New trailers are covered by a twenty-four (24) month structural Warranty, given by Trailers 2000 Pty Ltd, 10 Biondi Crescent, Beerwah, Queensland, 4519.

2. The Warranty entitles the original purchaser from the date of purchase to FREE LABOUR AND REPLACEMENT OF PARTS for a period of 24 months subject to the conditions below. Trailers 2000 Pty Ltd or one of its duly appointed authorised agents will, during normal business hours repair or replace any part which in the opinion of the manufacturer is defective due to faulty material or workmanship provided that the trailer has been operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and safe towing practices: Second hand wheels and tyres are not covered under Warranty. Trailers supplied with accessories that are not manufactured by Trailers 2000 are supplied with the warranty terms, conditions and period provided by the manufacturer of any such accessories, those accessories include but are not limited to jockey wheels, toolboxes, tonneau covers, cage covers, camping tops and ramps etc.   All repairs under Warranty are to be performed at the Trailers 2000 facility at 10 Biondi Crescent, Beerwah Qld 4519. Warranty repairs carried out in other locations require prior authorisation. Unauthorised repairs are not covered under this Warranty.

3. The purchaser is responsible to care for their Trailers 2000 trailer in accordance with the ‘Care’ instructions.

4. The purchaser will be responsible for paying all service call fees or transport charges, and damages and loss incurred in connection with the transportation of the trailer to and from Trailers 2000 Pty Ltd or its accredited service agents’ premises.

5. Due to the extreme conditions box trailers operate under, the surface treatment/paintwork is not covered by this Warranty.

6. This Warranty does not apply to any trailer which has been:

a) subject to misuse, neglect, accident or alteration by any person.

b) damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, Act of God or other inevitable accident.

c) hired to any person or persons.

This Warranty is in addition to any rights or remedies the purchaser has under the Trades Practices Actor state laws.

7. Unless any addition or attachment to this product has Trailers 2000 Pty Ltd specific approval or is sold as a Trailers 2000 product the Warranty on the trailer is waived. Trailers are designed to perform a specific task under established test loads and unauthorised attachments may produce stresses for which the design is not appropriate.

8. Design, specifications and colours are subject to change without notice.

During the manufacturing process Trailers 2000 Pty Ltd included certain features which assist in prolonging the life of the trailer. Trailers are subjected to extreme conditions both behind the towing vehicle and our very corrosive environment, as a result of which failure to adequately maintain or care for a trailer will allow corrosion to progressively increase.