Rent Then Buy

Australia’s Most Popular Long-Term Rental Option

If you are short on capital and need a trailer for your business or home, then our Rent then Buy option is perfect.

Not only do you get the trailer of your choice, all payments that you make contribute towards owning the trailer.

With our generous terms, you get 50% of your rent back off your trailer if you choose to buy it at the end of the first year.  If instead, you decide to continue renting your trailer past the first year, then you will get reduced rent for the entire additional time you choose to rent your trailer. 

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    What Type of Trailers are Available on Rent Then Buy  

    There are no limits to the types of trailers you can have on Rent then Buy; you can have a single axle trailer, a tandem trailer, enclosed trailer, tradesman’s trailer, plant trailer and we’ll even make you a custom trailer to your design.  

    The Flexible Option

    Buying a trailer has never been easier. Rent then Buy gives you options and flexibility, is easy, quick and affordable. You can take your new Trailers 2000 trailer right away from as little as $2.50 per day and buy later when it suits you, the choice is yours. There are no finance contracts with Rent then Buy and the application is quick and easy.

    Tax Effective

    If you are using your trailer for work or business, you will be entitled to claim the rent of the trailer 100% through your business, this can be equal to a saving of up to 46.5% of each payment.