What Can I Transport With A Plant Trailer?

Plant refers to any mobile heavy machinery ranging from construction machines like the bobcat and excavator to large-scale farm machines like big tractors, combine harvesters and even other trailers. Their weight makes them more difficult to move around, and they are unsafe to travel on regular roads. As a result, you need a trailer to move plant about.

Plant trailers have the specific purpose of transporting heavy machinery to their necessary destinations. They are easily recognised by their flat features and distinctive empty backspace, devoid of containers or boxes to hold items like other trailers. Plant trailers are commonly used by farmers, tradesmen, or in the construction industry.

Plant Trailer

Features of plant trailers

Plant trailers are sturdy and able to manoeuvre in the brutal conditions of the Australian climate and roads. Here are the features that set plant trailers apart from others, making them most suitable for plant transportation.

  • Fold down ramps

The sturdy material that makes up the fold-down ramps on plant trailers makes it easy to support huge vehicles and load big machinery. They contain shock absorbers for easy heaving and removal of objects. The fold-up ramps save time and energy and, most importantly, are safer.

Plant Trailer
  • Galvanised steel construction

Galvanised steel is sturdy, and its significant advantage lies in its zinc coating. The coating provides a protective layer against rust, preventing water from coming in contact with the metal within. As a result, the structural integrity of plant trailers stays dependable for long periods due to this corrosion-resistant steel construction.

  • Rocker roller suspension

The rocker roller suspension has roller bearings replacing the bolted connections on a standard rocker assembly. It is a cost-effective solution that slows wear and removes the need to replace cracked springs often.

The rocker roller suspension on plant trailers gives extra assurance for the weights it is used to tow. Also, they last close to 50,000 kms of daily drive, which is quite decent for the weights it gets to carry.

The rocker roller suspension’s primary benefit is reduced wear on the trailer tyre valve stem. Though valve stems are inexpensive to buy and replace, the constant wear can be time-consuming, stressful, and potentially dangerous if forgotten.

  • Solid steel axles

The axle is the most critical part of a trailer as it transfers the drive and weight of the trailer to its wheels. Using more than the allowed weight on a trailer would upset the axle and set the vehicle in the path for accidents.

Plant trailers deliver on their promise with solid steel axles. The stiff, strong and elastic nature of steel makes it excellent for the weight of plant which only the plant trailer can carry. Also, the solid steel axle is easier to maintain as it does not have many moving parts and cross-members.

Furthermore, the solid steel axles give the plant trailer added security which comes in handy during emergencies. Their stiff nature allows a driver to pull the weight of the truck and trailer in a tight manoeuvre with less risk of falling over.

Plant Trailer

What other trailers can you use to transport plant equipment?

Below are other trailers which can be used to transport plant equipment:

  • Hydraulic tipping trailer

A hydraulic tipping trailer is used for a wide range of materials, such as firewood, garbage, sand, soil, and landscaping. They are also used for transporting heavy machinery and livestock. Their advantage lies in the hydraulic system, which is reliable, sturdy, and easy to understand and use.

Hydraulic tipping trailer
  • Scissor lift trailer

A scissor lift trailer is designed to carry scissor lifts to where they are needed. Scissor lifts are notorious for their weight and size and are exclusively handled by a heavy hauling company. Since the scissor lift trailer can carry that much weight, it can also take the weight of some plant equipment without any issue.

Scissor lift trailer
  • Mining trailers

As the name suggests, mining trailers are used to haul machinery within, to and from the mining site. Companies also use them to transport the mined materials out of the mines to the factory where they are processed. They are steadfast, reliable and suitable for off-road driving.

Mining trailers
  • Construction trailers

Construction trailers serve as temporary onsite offices, storage space, and dining areas during construction projects. Since they include storage, they are made strong enough to carry much weight at a time, especially when heavy materials are stored inside. They are strong enough to hold machinery based on the load density they usually take.

Construction trailers
  • Car trailer

The primary purpose of a car trailer is to tow cars. However, they can be used to haul almost everything ranging from furniture, car parts, large luggage and large equipment. They are best used for objects which enclosed trailers are used for, so the kind of plant the car trailer would carry should be somewhat compact.

Car trailer

Why use a plant trailer

The other trailers mentioned above are customised for some particular items or vehicles. They may pose a problem for plant machinery in terms of body, size and weight. The most common case is one where the plant’s length goes beyond that of the trailer available.

On the other hand, plant trailers are easily customisable, and their open flat features allow machinery of any size and shape to be placed and transported on them. They are also made strong enough to carry the weight of most plant equipment, unlike some trailers like the luggage and tradesman trailer, which would struggle under such immense weight.

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Plant trailers offer the best form of transportation for your machinery. With the right plant trailer, you need not worry about the safety of your plant. If you’re in the market for a trailer for your heavy machinery, think Trailers 2000. Our range of well-built and long-lasting trailers is sure to meet your trailering needs. Contact us today to get the best deals.