How Long Do Hot Dip Galvanised Trailers Last?

From tandem box axle trailers and luggage trailers to water cartage trailers, each trailer has its specific use. However, one thing all trailers have in common is that they are versatile and practical. Regardless of which industry you work in, a trailer can make life easier. Moreover, when built with corrosion resistant materials, a trailer is an excellent investment and can last longer.

One material often used by trailer manufacturers is galvanised steel. Unlike regular steel, galvanised steel has an extra layer of protection as it is coated with zinc. This zinc coating shields the material from exposure to destructive elements. The process of coating steel with zinc is known as hot dip galvanising, and trailers made with this material are known as hot dip galvanised trailers.

There are many benefits of hot dip galvanised trailers, including durability, but before we go into that, let’s look at the hot dip galvanisation process.

What is a hot dip galvanised trailer?

(The hot dip galvanising process is relatively simple. It involves cleaning steel and immersing it in molten zinc to obtain a coating. Hot dip galvanising is the process of coating iron or steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450 °C (842 °F).

Additionally, our hot dip galvanised trailers can be customised to your unique needs.

hot dip galvanised trailers

Features of hot dip galvanised trailers

At Trailers 2000, we have a wide range of hot dip galvanised trailers made with the best material. Besides the unrivalled durability of our trailers, you get two years of Roadside Assist for free and a two-year warranty period. That’s not all; here are some other features and trailer parts of our hot dip galvanised units:

  • Full chassis
  • LED lights
  • Spare wheel bracket
  • Checkerplate floor
  • Jockey wheel clamp
  • New wheels and tyres
  • Longer drawbar
  • Full rear cross member
  • Magnetic trailer plug
  • Utility corner posts
  • Wear plate under the springs

You can get our hot dip galvanised trailers in tandem axle, single axle, and off-road models. Off-road and single tandem units come in different sizes, such as 6 × 4, 7 × 4, 7 × 5, and 8 × 5, with an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) (ranging from 750kg to 1500kg. On the other hand, our tandem axle models come in 8 × 5, 9 × 5, 10 × 5, 10 × 6, and 12 × 6 sizes with an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) ranging from 2000kg to 3500kg.

If you’re looking to customise your trailer, our team of expert custom trailer manufacturers can make any trailer to your specifications. You could get electric or mechanical brakes, deep sides, rocker springs and shackles. Cages, pantec tops, drop-in bike racks, spare wheels, jockey wheels, ladder racks, tradesman’s tops, and tonneau covers are also available. 

Advantages of hot dip galvanised trailers 

One of the benefits of hot dip galvanised steel is the thick coating which makes it resistant to corrosion. When dipped in zinc, the coating prevents oxidation and shields the steel from corrosive elements in the Australian terrain, especially the coastal regions. This thick hot dip galvanised layer ensures durability. Some other benefits of hot dip galvanised trailers include:

Less maintenance

While other trailers have to be inspected regularly to check for deterioration of the body, the same does not apply to hot dip galvanised trailers. Hot dip galvanised trailers require little to no maintenance to the body and chassis as a result of the extra layer of protection. The zinc coating protects the trailer from the environment thereby reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Enhanced protection

Hot dip galvanised trailers have better protection from the elements and last longer. The trailer body and chassis has enough protection against the environment, so you need not worry about corrosion. 

How long will a hot dip galvanised trailer last?

Contaminants, humidity, and exposure to the elements also greatly affect how long your hot dip galvanised trailer lasts. It is essential to maintain your trailer properly to allow it to retain its anti-corrosive features. With proper care, a hot dip galvanised trailer can last for decades, saving owners a lot of time and money.

Hot dip galvanised trailer vs. other trailer materials

Every steel product is prone to corrosion when it interacts with oxygen. However, rust and corrosion can be prevented by hot dip galvanisation or by painting the steel. Here at Trailers 2000, we offer both galvanised and painted trailers and hot dip galvanised trailers  Both trailer types offer great value and last longer than conventional black steel trailers.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty alternative to hot dip galvanised trailers, you should check out the Trailers 2000 TuffMate 2000.

Who needs a hot dip galvanised trailer?

Trailer owners typically prefer hot dip galvanised material to make their trailers more durable. Galvanised trailers simply last longer.  

Trailer owners who work in heavy-duty industries such as mining or construction also choose hot dip galvanised trailers. These trailer types are also great for harsh Australian conditions, especially salty roads and coastal regions. With hot dip galvanised trailers, you can easily move loads that can potentially damage your trailers, such as gravel, heavy-duty equipment, and tools.

Hot dip galvanised trailers have loads of benefits, including their anti-rust and anti-corrosive features. On the whole, heavy-duty galvanised trailers are sustainable, durable, versatile, and look good. Trailers 2000 is a leading manufacturer of all things trailers, and we specialise in building long-lasting and quality trailers that can withstand tough Australian conditions. Browse through our catalogue to choose a hot dip galvanised trailer that suits your needs, or contact our trailer experts today.