Can I Design or Make My Own Trailer?

If you’ve been looking around for a trailer that suits your particular needs but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for you may be thinking that the perfect trailer doesn’t exist  and tinkered with the idea of building your own trailer. Nothing comes close to a custom trailer that is made to suit your exact needs. To get the best custom trailer, you require excellent custom trailer manufacturers, and you won’t find any better custom trailer manufacturer than Trailers 2000.

Trailers 2000 can assist you in designing and building a one-of-a-kind custom trailer. At Trailers 2000, our team of experts can assist you in designing the trailer of your dreams. Before you begin, look through our large inventory of available trailers, and see if we can help convert one to suit your unique needs.

What does it take to build a custom trailer?

Building a trailer correctly requires a sound knowledge of the Australian standards, skills including metal fabrication, welding, mechanical and electrical. You also need a suitable work area and plenty of time.

If you have access to all of these things, building your own trailer could be a lot of fun. However, it might be daunting and time-consuming to find all the equipment and parts you need to build a custom trailer. It’s also very important to understand right at the outset that from July 1st 2023 trailers without a Vehicle Type Approval  VTA will not be able to be registered in Australia . This is where Trailers 2000 can assist you. With our expertise and experience, we can save you loads of time, no need to break the bank and waste a lot of time while building a custom trailer.

Factors to consider when customising a trailer

Before you begin the customisation process, it is important to check if you can find (a) the trailer already available. For example, Trailers 2000 has a wide range of trailers, including tandem axle box trailers, hot-dip galvanised trailers, scissor lift trailers, mining trailers, plant trailers, and our patented TuffMate2000

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our inventory or you need extra features, then you should call Trailers 2000 to discuss your customised trailer.

Other things to consider when customising a trailer include:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Purpose
  • Single or Tandem axle
  • Special Features
  • Working Conditions

What customisation options does Trailers 2000 offer? 

Trailers 2000 has a long list of options to make sure you get exactly what you want. All our trailers are 100% made in Australia for Australian terrain and conditions. Every custom trailer comes with an incredible 2-year warranty and 2-year Roadside assistance for free. No matter what you want to use them for, our trailers are strong, dependable, and can handle even the worst conditions.

Some options you get while ordering your custom trailer include:

  • Custom Cages
  • Side Steps
  • Ladder Racks
  • Jerrycan Holders
  • Swing Tailgate
  • High Sides
  • Jockey Wheels
  • Front Gate
  • Extended Drawbar
  • Spare Wheel
  • Gas Bottle Holders
  • Brakes
  • Rear Stands
  • Manual Tilt System
  • Off-Road Coupling
  • Pantec Tops
  • Checkerplate Floors
  • Cage & Tonneau Covers
  • Off-Road Conversions
  • Slide-away ramps
  • Toolboxes
  • Choice of colours

Trailers 2000 offers 12 different colour options for your custom trailer, and you can even choose to brand your trailer for business purposes.

Additionally all of our Australian made custom trailers come with a 2 year warranty and 2 year roadside assistance.

Perhaps there’s something else you need for your custom trailer besides these add-ons. All you need to do is talk to us here at Trailers 2000 and we’ll help you design and include in your perfect trailer.

Does Trailers 2000 have experience building custom trailers?

With 30 years as custom trailer manufacturers, Trailers 2000 has all the experience required to deliver the trailer of your dreams. Our galvanised trailers are of the highest quality and we provide excellent after-sale services. 

Only recently, Trailers 2000 had the pleasure of building a custom trailer for the Banana Shire Council. 

The Banana Shire Council provided a brief of their requirements with some photos of a smaller but similar trailer. They required a tandem axle emergency response trailer designed to carry the emergency signs, witches hats and other equipment required during an emergency. The trailer was to hold each of these items in specific areas along with the provision for emergency power for lighting.

With this information, our team of experts was able to build a custom trailer that met the Council’s exact specifications. The trailer had storage compartments for each of the items to be held within the trailer and also outside the trailer. The trailer also included a solar power system on the roof to supply a 12-volt and 24 volt inverter within the trailer along with emergency lighting.

There are so many benefits of building your own trailer. While shopping for traditional trailers is great, you’re limited to certain standard options that may not suit your needs. The beauty of working with an experienced custom trailer manufacturer like Trailers 2000 is that you get a trailer that functions and looks just the way you want it. Contact us to learn more about designing and building your own trailer.