What Trailers Are Suitable for Mining?

Australian mining companies often face the challenge of transporting deposits, equipment, and materials from one point to another. While there are a variety of multi-purpose trailers available, some significant concerns for mining companies include off-road ability and cargo space. 

Ultimately, a mining trailer would have to suit its purpose. For example, box trailers are great for challenging terrains, can haul large cargo, are easy to load, and work well with scissor lifts and plant trailers. 

On the other hand, a hydraulic tipping trailer is ideal for carrying large portions of earth for sampling. Other factors to consider include the mining trailer’s towing capacity and the scale of mining operations. Let’s look at some common trailers suitable for mining.

Box Trailers

Box trailers work well for a wide range of professions. They are not just practical but also affordable and can be made to certain specifications. Regarding mining trailers, tandem axle box trailers are the most common type. 

Tandem axle trailers are built for heavy-duty work and feature a reinforced chassis built with galvanised steel, meaning they can haul just about anything without breaking a sweat. The tandem axle has a high load-bearing capacity, up to 3 tons, and is compatible with rocker suspension for easier movement on challenging terrain and optimal weight distribution.

Box Trailer

Hydraulic Tipping Trailers

Hydraulic tipping trailers are commonly used as mining trailers. They are basically heavy-duty trailers with fitted hydraulic ram and a tandem axle setup. With this setup, you can easily haul and unload large quantities of earth. Hydraulic tippers can also be specced to 3.5 tons and come with a 4-stage operation arm with a 45-degree tilt. This allows for speed, convenience, and, most importantly, safety. 

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Plant Trailers

Plant trailers are specialised construction trailers designed to move machinery around mining sites. They include loaders, scissor lifts, bobcats, and excavators. Plant trailers are generally built to be durable and sturdy, with heavy-duty ramps behind to make loading easier and secure your equipment. These trailers are popular among plant hire companies, landscapers, builders, and utility contractors.

Plant Trailer

Water Cartage Trailers

Regardless of the location or situation, water is a necessity, but more so in mining sites. This is because most mining sites are situated far away from water sources. In cases like this, a water cartage trailer is essential. Large trailers can store up to 4,000 litres, along with hose reels and diesel or petrol pumps. 

Water Cartage Trailer

Custom Trailers

Some other trailers suitable for mining include enclosed trailers, universal flatbeds, and sturdier custom trailers with improved suspension. In addition to all the trailer types mentioned above, you might be looking to get a custom mining trailer for specific needs; that’s where Trailers 2000 comes in. 

If you’ve ever wondered where you can get custom trailers from, Trailers 2000 is your best bet. Whether you need tradesman trailers, luggage trailers, or car trailers, we’ve got you covered. Our industrial and mining-specific trailers can be customised to your specifications. Trailers 2000 can build or customise different mining trailers, including:

  • Service trailers
  • Oil spill trailers
  • Cone hole saver trailers
  • Oil spill trailers
  • Generator trailers
  • Hydraulic trailers
  • Emergency spillage cleanup trailers 
  • D shackle trailers.

When it comes to equipment and plant operations, mining companies usually have strict quality and safety standards. With over three decades of constructing quality trailers, Trailers 2000 has the experience to completely customise trailers to meet any safety/quality standards. If you’re a construction contractor, you should take advantage of our customising services.

Custom Trailer by Trailers 2000

Factors To Consider When Buying A Mining Trailer

There are a few things to consider before making a mining trailer purchase. They include:

  • Mining Trailer Purpose

Getting a trailer best suited for your mining purpose can save you lots of time and money. You should consider the essential trailer features for your transportation needs. Do you need tying points, floor bed constructions, side fenders, or high sides? If theft or the weather is your concern, an enclosed trailer would be ideal. You can ask our trailer experts about the available options if you’re purchasing a custom trailer.

  • Cargo Weight

Another important consideration is the weight of whatever you’ll be towing. Trailers come in different axle configurations for varying cargo needs. Small trailers usually have a single-axle configuration, while heavy-duty trailers have tandem axle setups. Tandem axle trailers are best for mining purposes as they have better suspension. For mining sites in areas with challenging terrain, you might need a longer drawbar, bigger wheels, and a sturdy build.

  • Towing Vehicle

Getting a big heavy-duty trailer without the appropriate towing vehicle is pretty useless. While big utility vehicles can carry up to 3.5 tons, you’ll need a bigger workhorse to pull larger mining trailers.

Where Can I Buy Mining Trailers?

Trailers 2000 is your one-stop shop if you’re searching for mining trailers. Our “Built Tough” philosophy means you’ll get durable and sturdy trailers to handle the Australian climate. Our range of trailers is built with 100% galvanised steel, and the chassis is made with high-tensile SHS and RHS, providing extra strength. 

Additionally, the self-riveting technology used in the manufacturing process ensures durability and exceptional strength to the trailer body. This means any mining trailer from Trailers 2000 can travel long distances without showing any signs of wear. 

What’s more? Mining sites are set in remote locations, and we know that. To help you, Trailers 2000 has the option to deliver your trailer directly to your doorstep (or mining site, in this case). Regardless of your location, so far as you’re on the Australian map, we can save you the stress of travelling to and fro to get a mining trailer.

Getting the perfect mining trailer can be the difference between stress-free mining operations and back-breaking work on your site. Trailers 2000 offers the best mining trailers tailored to your unique needs. Our trailers are solid, durable, built to tackle the toughest terrains and meet the strictest safety standards. Contact our experts for your customised trailer needs, or browse our range of mining trailers now.