How Does A Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Work?

From car trailers and plant trailers to construction trailers, hydraulic power is used in a wide range of applications in the trailer industry. The reliability, strength, and efficiency of hydraulic systems, along with the ease of use, makes this a very popular system in the trailer industry. 

Whenever people hear of hydraulic trailers, the first thing that comes to mind is a tipping trailer, and rightly so. Hydraulic tipping trailers are used to haul loose items such as soil, mulch, sand, mortar, bricks, gravel, and rocks, which can be tipped out of the back of the trailer. 

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Hydraulic tipping trailers are generally sturdy due to the weight of materials they are designed to carry regularly. They are a common sight in the construction industry, and are fitted with a high tilt mechanism that allows materials to be tipped out the back. 

Furthermore, these trailers can be towed by a regular car, which makes them all the more appealing. So, in cases where you might have needed a small tip truck, hydraulic tippers can handle the work efficiently.

Like mining trailers and scissor lift trailers, a hydraulic tipping trailer has a low centre of gravity that makes loading and towing easy with high ground clearance for easy site access.

What Are Hydraulic Tipping Trailers Used For?

There are a couple of reasons why you might need a hydraulic tipping trailer. Here are some of the most common uses of these trailers.

  • Waste Removal

If you are a business owner, private individual, or work for a waste removal company, a hydraulic tipping trailer can do a lot for you. Depending on the size and quantity, a trailer can easily contain and help you get rid of waste faster.

  • Construction

Hydraulic tipping trailers are a big part of the construction industry. At any construction site, you may need to materials from place to place. And while a tradesman trailer or luggage trailer can do most of these, hydraulic tipping trailers are also designed for the task and can reduce the amount of manual lifting required.

  • Landscaping

No matter how skilled you are, without the right materials and tools, landscaping can be really hard work. However, a hydraulic tipping trailer can make things much easier. With this trailer, you can haul soil, plants, mulch, tools, and more.

How Does A Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Work?

The hydraulic tipping trailers from Trailers 2000 are very easy to use. The trailers come with an aluminium tool box on the drawbar which contains a controller, hydraulic fluid reservoir, and the battery.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Control

To operate the trailer, you need to take the controller out of the aluminium tool box, and touch the appropriate control button. When this is done, the tipper moves upward, emptying all content to the ground.

Benefits of Hydraulic Tipping Trailer From Trailers 2000

Be it plant trailers, scissor lift trailers, car trailers, or luggage trailers, our team of experts here at Trailers 2000 use only the best materials to construct your trailer. 

  • Galvanised Steel Construction

Our hydraulic tipping trailers are manufactured with low-maintenance galvanised steel. What that means is that regardless of the material you’re hauling, the trailer should not corrode or rust – perfect for transporting sand, soil, and mortar.

  •  Variety of Options

Trailers 2000 has a hydraulic tipping trailer for every need. Our trailers are available in 10 x 6 (3000 mm x 1800 mm) and 8 × 5 (2400 mm x 1500 mm). You can also get flat deck hydraulic trailers in 8 × 5 (2400 mm x 1800 mm) and 12 × 8 (3600 mm x 2400 mm) configurations. 

Maybe you require something extra special, Trailers 2000 can also build custom hydraulic tipping trailers upon request.

  • Ease of Operation

All hydraulic lift trailers from our store are very easy to use and almost anyone can operate them. The simple hydraulic lift works at the touch of a button, allowing you to work fast, save time and offload your trailer content easily.  

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Vs. Tip Truck

The major difference between a tip truck and a tipping trailer lies in their mobility. While a tip truck is built and moves like any other vehicle, you need another vehicle to pull your tipping trailer. Other than this, both have a wide bed and a means to tip your content out. Why then should you opt for a hydraulic tipping trailer over a tip truck?

  • Pricing

Tip trucks will leave a bigger dent in your pocket as you also pay for the automobile components. Additionally, a tip truck is more likely to be larger and deeper than hydraulic tipping trailers. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then a hydraulic tipping trailer is a great idea.

  • Size

Unless you’re hauling really large amounts of material, a hydraulic tipping trailer is the better option here. Besides the fact that you can tow your hydraulic tipping trailer with a regular car, a trailer does not consume too much space and is easier to manoeuvre compared to a tip truck. Also, you need a certain license to operate tip trucks.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Safety Tips For Operating Hydraulic Lift Trailers

Follow these tips to operate a hydraulic lift trailer safely:

  • Know your trailer’s Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
  • Do not exceed the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
  • Ensure that the load is evenly distributed to prevent swaying
  • Check to see if the trailer is stable while loaded and unloaded
  • Check the clearance before unloading to avoid any obstructions
  • Ensure the ground is stable and level
  • Do not stand under the trailer while lifting or lowering it
  • Cover and secure the load in line with Australian regulations. 

Hydraulic tipping trailers from Trailers 2000 come with features such as a removable tailgate, heavy-duty tie rails, new light truck tyres, a safety isolation switch, extra heavy-duty full chassis’ and an extended drawbar. Check out our trailers or make enquiries for a custom hydraulic tipping trailer today.