Tradesman Trailers From Trailers 2000

Tradesman trailers as the name implies are special trailers designed for skilled workers in different trades such as construction, plumbing, telecommunications, electricians, sheet metal workers, glaziers, and welders, etc. These trailers are the companion for tradesmen who need a means to transport their tools and equipment from place to place, and keep them safe on site. 

Nowadays, even people who aren’t skilled workers also go for tradesman trailers for the sheer convenience and safety they offer. Tradesman trailers have also become very popular among salesmen who require a place to display their wares. So whether you’re an individual, business, or tradesman with any transportation needs, chances are that a tradesman trailer from Trailers 2000 will come in handy.

What Is A Tradesman Trailer?

A tradesman trailer usually consists of an aluminium body enclosure on a box trailer. Generally, tradesman trailers from Trailers 2000 are never too big or too small. We try to hit the sweet spot that’s ideal for all, irrespective of your profession. 

Aside from these specialised tradesman trailers, many other trailers fit the bill for tradesmen. Examples include trailers with cages, hydraulic tipping trailers, custom trailers, luggage trailers, construction trailers, and car trailers.

Tradesman Trailers

What Are The Most Common Tradesman Trailers?

Tradesman trailers are true companions to their owners, and if you’re shopping for one, Trailers 2000 offers several options.

Affordable Pick: Galvanised Flat Pack Tradesman’s Top

If you’re on a budget, or prefer something that’s easy to pack and customisable, the Galvanised Flat Pack Tradesman’s Top is perfect for you. This easy-to-assemble kit is 450 mm high, and built with low maintenance galvanised steel. All you need to do is attach this trailer canopy to your box trailer, and voilà, you have something close to a tradesman trailer.

Some standout features include gas struts on doors, an internal shelf, rubber weather seals, and Croclocks for improved security. Constructed in Australia, the Galvanised Flat Pack Tradesman’s Top is built to withstand tough Australian conditions. The canopy is available in two configurations; the 6 x 4 tradesman canopy and the 7 x 4 trailer canopy. Ladder racks are also available as an option..

Galvanised Flat Pack Tradesman Trailers Top

Most Popular Pick: Rust-Free Aluminium Tradesman Trailer 

The Rust-Free Aluminium Tradesman Trailer is one of the most popular offerings from Trailers 2000.  Constructed with a low maintenance galvanised steel chassis and frame and an aluminium body, this tradesman trailer has lots of excellent features and is built to last. 

One highlight is the pinch weld rubber seals that ensure the trailer contents are safe from the elements. The tradesman trailer also comes with gas strut opening doors, allowing you to easily access the trailer contents. Additionally, the contents of your trailer from Trailers 2000 can be secured with the flush mount locking mechanisms on the doors. To top it off, you get a mouth-watering two-year warranty and exclusive Roadside Assist for two years, all free of charge. 

Rust-Free Aluminium Tradesman Trailer

Why Should I Buy A Tradesman Trailer From Trailers 2000?

Tradesman trailers are beginning to gain immense popularity due to their many benefits. First, they serve as a hold-it-all for your tools. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about losing your essential tools while transporting them. Also, Trailers 2000 offers a wide variety of tradesman trailers to suit your budget and other needs. 

  • It Is All Yours

Picture a scenario where you no longer have to rely on third parties to move your tools around or return a tradesman trailer after hiring or borrowing it. That’s what buying /shopping from Trailers 2000 feels like. With your own tradesman trailer, you can save a lot of time and money. You may also want to explore the Rent Then Buy option; a tradesman trailer from Trailers 2000 is a one-time purchase that would serve you well.

  • Your Tools Are Secure In One Place

All tradesmen know too well how frustrating it can be to misplace one single tool. But with a trailer from us, that will be a thing of the past. Tradesman trailers serve as a great storage solution, and you no longer have to worry about losing your tools, whether on site, on the road, or at home. 

In addition to all the amazing benefits they offer, tradesman trailers can also serve as a mobile workshop. Owning one means you no longer have to travel back and forth in search of supplies, parts, equipment, or tools. This saves you time, and allows you to concentrate on the job.

If you own a truck, with a tradesman trailer, you can free up space for other things at the back of your ute tray. Furthermore, your equipment and tools are guarded against the elements when you’re at work.

  • Lots of Customisation Options

At Trailers 2000, our tradesman trailers come in various sizes, styles, and colours. You can order for trailers completely customised to suit your peculiar need, or choose from any of our offerings. Also, you don’t have to settle for bland colours. Our tradesman trailers can also be painted on demand to reflect your business branding.

In the long run, a trailer can save you lots of expenses, especially one from Trailers 2000. Overall, they are an excellent investment for companies, private individuals and tradesmen alike. Trailers 2000 specialises in manufacturing all kinds of quality trailers, from plant trailers and mining trailers. With over 30 years of experience, our quality shines through, making us the top trailer manufacturer in Australia. Click here to shop our range of tradesman trailers.