What Is A Trailer With a Cage Used For?

If you glance through our site, you’ll agree that Trailers 2000 offers a wide range of trailers, such as 6×4 trailers, 7×5 trailers, universal trailers, and even custom trailers. However, one of the most popular types is the trailer with cage. You might be wondering: what is a trailer with a cage? Or what is a trailer with a cage used for? Simply put, a trailer with a cage is a box trailer that comes with a flat-pack cage accessory consisting of four sections that can be assembled to form a sturdy cage. Many people choose cage trailers for various purposes. Here, we look at some common uses of a box trailer with cage and things to note before buying one.

trailer with cage

What is a Trailer With a Cage?

A trailer with a cage is compatible with most vehicles and popular among drivers. It helps drivers increase storage capacity and provides a portable enclosure to secure your load. Although flat deck trailers are great for transporting things, cage trailers provide extra security. Additionally, cage trailers are very versatile.

Our cage trailers are sturdy, long-lasting, rust-free, and great value for money. Measuring 600mm above the trailer, the cage consists of four sections that are easy to install. Furthermore, the unique design allows the cage to bolt into the corner posts on the trailer, ensuring that your load is secure, even with the rear door open. The cage can be removed easily and disassembled for easy storage.

What is a Trailer With a Cage Used For?

A box trailer with a cage is versatile and can be used for different purposes. Box-caged trailers are popular for private and commercial uses, and it is common to find them on farms, in residential use, and in industrial applications. Let’s look at some of the most common uses of this trailer type.

  • Waste Removal

A trailer with a cage comes in handy for businesses that deal in waste removal. This is a great way to move loose objects and waste from one point to another with the knowledge that they are secure.

  • Heavy-Duty Delivery 

Whether you’re an individual looking to move large items or a business specialising in delivering heavy-duty equipment, a trailer with a cage is an excellent investment. With this, you can quickly secure your package to a heavy-duty trailer and make the delivery. Also, a trailer with a cage is an excellent alternative to buying or hiring a van. Additionally, box trailers with a cage can be used in other scenarios, such as camping and carrying different materials like household items, garden waste, firewood, and furniture.

  • Transporting Animals

You must prioritise safety if you move animals from one place to another. Trailers with a cage are ideal for transporting animals as they keep them safe and stable. Additionally, they offer supple ventilation, which may be lacking in enclosed trailers, especially in warm weather or summer.

  • Moving Machinery

If you’re faced with the challenge of moving heavy machinery from one place to another, a trailer with cage might be your best bet. For example, businesses that deal in automotive parts often worry about moving large items without hiring a lorry or van. A trailer with a cage also offers you the option of standing up large parts and machinery. 

Tip: Regardless of what you’re hauling in your caged trailer, you’re required by law to cover the load with a trailer cover or net, even if it seems covered.

trailer with cage and cover

Why Use Our Boxed Trailers With a Cage?

There are many reasons why a cage for your trailer is a great investment. Instead of wasting time and energy tying items to a flatbed, you can easily get going with trailers with a cage. All you need do is lock the items into your cage, and you’re good to go. Here are other reasons to invest in a trailer with a cage from Trailers 2000.

  • Great Finish

One important thing to check while shopping for a cage is the finish. Our trailers are built with galvanised steel which can stand the test of time. Also, you don’t have to worry about deterioration or rust, as the cages you find here can be hot dip galvanised to prevent rust and built to withstand the elements.

  • Strong and Durable Design

As with all other trailers from Trailers 2000, our box trailers with a cage are reliable, sturdy, and designed to last a long time. Besides securing items and easing your transportation needs, our caged trailers can take a real beating and withstand wear and tear.

  • Easy to Maintain

Boxed trailers with cages are one of the easiest to deal with when it comes to maintenance. Besides the regular checks, such as wheels and brakes, you need to grease the axles periodically, and they are good to go. 

Boxed caged trailers are a great investment as they are versatile and can be used in many scenarios. Whether it’s waste removal, moving animals, hauling heavy-duty machinery, camping, or deliveries, you can never go wrong with trailers with a cage. Trailers 2000 is a prestigious Australian trailer manufacturer, and our box trailers with a cage are built with only the best materials. Contact a Trailers 2000 expert, or shop our box trailers with cages today.