What Is The Difference Between A Single And A Tandem Axle Box Trailer?

If you’re looking to get your own trailer or are new to the trailer world, you might be confused by the different trailer configurations and which is best for you. Before you invest in a trailer, it is important to determine whether you need a single or tandem axle box trailer. Each trailer type has pros and cons, and choosing the right one depends on factors such as budget, usage, and load capacity. So, what differentiates a single-axle trailer from a tandem-axle box trailer? Read on to find out.

What is a single-axle box trailer?

Single-axle trailers are designed with only one axle and are typically used for smaller loads, with sizes ranging from 6 x 4 through to 8 x 5.

single axle box trailer

Pros of single-axle trailers

Although single-axle trailers are smaller, they can carry all kinds of material with loads from 750kg to 1500kg Aggregate Trailer Mass ATM.  Single-axle trailers are easier to manoeuvre around tight spaces and sharp corners, due to being on one axle.  

The smaller size of single-axle trailers means they have fewer parts to maintain, making them a less expensive option in the longer term. Some advantages of single-axle trailers include the following:

  • Fewer trailer parts to maintain
  • Better manoeuvrability
  • More affordable option
  • Less weight

Besides the cost-effective nature of single-axle trailers, the lightweight design makes towing easier.

Cons of single-axle trailers

Although single-axle trailers have lots of advantages, they do have their limits

  • Less load capacity
  • Cubic Capacity

First, single-axle units have less load capacity, limiting how much cargo or equipment you can carry. 

Single axle trailers can be fitted with brakes which will increase the Aggregate Trailer Mass ATM to 1500kg.

Who needs single-axle trailers?

A single-axle box trailer is ideal for users who carry smaller and lighter loads. While they aren’t the largest units, single-axle trailers can be great workhorses. A single-axle trailer is a great option for carrying:

  • Furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Sand, dirt, and stone
  • Building supplies
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Lawn care equipment, etc.

What is a tandem axle box trailer?

A tandem axle trailer, also known as a dual axle, is a trailer with two sets of wheels and axles.

Tandem axle trailers can serve a wide range of applications and allow you to carry larger loads. Investing in a tandem axle box trailer is a great idea if you carry heavy loads regularly.

tandem axle box trailer

Pros of tandem axle trailers

A tandem axle trailer is ideal if you need to move large or heavy items. It is also great for companies involved in long-distance or interstate travel. Some advantages of tandem axle trailers include:

Less stress on trailer tyres

Since tandem axle box trailers have four wheels and tyres, the load is distributed across all four wheels and tyres.

Better stability

Tandem axle trailers have better weight distribution due to the suspension and four wheels and tyres. With better stability, towing is safer.

Braking system

Tandem axle trailers typically come with an independent braking system. An independent braking system means safer towing and improved stopping distances while carrying heavy loads.

Who needs a tandem axle trailer?

With tandem axles, you can carry similar materials as you would in a single-axle trailer plus much more. For carrying a heavier load, you need bigger trailers. You need a tandem axle trailer if you carry any of the following:

  • Generators
  • Industrial machinery
  • Tractors
  • Bulk items
  • Heavy equipment, etc.

It is important to ask the trailer manufacturers about the load capacity before making a decision on single axle or tandem axle. Exceeding the max load capacity can be unsafe and may lead to an accident.

Types of box trailers

At Trailers 2000, we offer a wide range of box trailers for different purposes. From painted galvanised trailers to hot dip galvanised trailers, our offerings are built to last and withstand the toughest Australian conditions. 

Our box trailers include:

If you’re specifically looking for tandem axle trailers, you can check out the following:

We are also a custom trailer manufacturer, and you can have just about any trailer you want to your specifications.

Difference between single and tandem axle box trailers

All trailers serve a similar purpose: carrying all kinds of loads from one point to another. The difference between single and tandem axle box trailers largely lies in their capacity and configuration. While single-axle trailers have just one axle, tandem-axle trailers have double axles.

Furthermore, tandem axle trailers have extra carrying capacity and can perform heavier-duty tasks than single-axle units. This is evident in the Aggregate Trailer Mass difference. At Trailers 2000, our standard tandem axle box trailers have a 2000 kg ATM and can also be purchased in 2900 kg, 3000 kg, and 3,500 kg ATM. On the other hand, our standard box trailers are available in 750 kg ATM.

It is vital to calculate the weight of your load to see if your vehicle can handle towing it. Towing more load than your vehicle’s capacity is unsafe and dangerous to you and other road users.

The ideal trailer for you depends on what you’re towing, your towing vehicle, and your budget. A single-axle trailer is a great option if you typically haul smaller items. However, if you’re considering moving heavier loads in the future, investing in a tandem axle trailer could be your best bet. Still confused about which to go for? Contact us today to help pick a trailer matching your unique needs.