What Are The Benefits Of An Enclosed Trailer?

An enclosed trailer is not only a highly secure and attractive option for transporting your goods, there are many benefits of an enclosed trailer you simply don’t get with a box trailer or box trailer with cage. Let’s explore what types of enclosed trailers are available and the benefits of an enclosed trailer.

What is an Enclosed Trailer? 

Enclosed Trailers manufactured by Trailers 2000 are designed to securely transport any items. These trailers are often used for the transportation of luggage, but can also be useful for tradesmen and small businesses, amongst many other applications.  

As the name would suggest, an enclosed trailer is completely enclosed, allowing for the safe and secure transportation of items without them being exposed to wind, rain, or dust during transportation. The large enclosed standard composite aluminium-bodied trailer with a polished checker plate base has a high-quality gloss finish, making the trailer stand out on the road. Trailers 2000 offer a range of enclosed trailers, including large enclosed trailers, luggage trailers, pantech trailers and tradesman trailers

enclosed trailers

What are the benefits of enclosed trailers?

Loading and unloading enclosed trailers is easy, with gas strut lift doors for easy opening and closing on heavy-duty stainless steel hinges. There is the option to add side doors to these trailers, all fitted with flush mount locks so you can rest assured your trailer and its contents are secure.

custom enclosed trailer

Trailers 2000 enclosed trailers are available in a variety of standard colours, including white, red, black, blue, green and silver. You can keep your contents organised by installing a storage system to the interior of your enclosed trailer to suit your needs.

enclosed trailer

Enclosed Trailers are available in a range of sizes and, therefore, adaptable to be used in a range of situations. They come in sizes including 8×5, 9×5, 10×5,10×6 and 12×6. The enclosure is available in 2 heights, either 1450mm or 2000mm, with optional ladder racks that can be installed on top. The enclosed trailer’s maximum load can range from 2000kg to  3000kg GVM, depending on the suspension and braking system that is selected. 

heavy duty enclosed trailers

The flexible options available for enclosed trailers make them suitable for use by a range of small businesses. These trailers are built to the highest standards and quality making them suitable for use by businesses needing a professional look, but they are also tough and durable so they can survive the building site. 

Finally, the Trailers 2000 enclosed trailers are built on top of the same heavy-duty trailer chassis that is used across their entire range. These chassis are made from galvanised steel, include new wheels and tyres and are fitted with LED lights. 

To ensure your trailer lasts through the harshest Australian conditions, Trailers 2000 only use the highest quality of materials and workmanship when manufacturing. The confidence they have in the product is backed up by a 2-year warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance.

If you have a need to transport items such as luggage in a protected trailer, then contact the expert team at Trailers 2000 today, or click here to find out more about our range of enclosed trailers.

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