Do I Need A Cage For My Box Trailer?

Whether this is your first time buying a box trailer with a cage or you are upgrading or replacing your existing one, there is always a lot to consider. A box trailer with a cage is a versatile and very common trailer choice. The cage extends the usability of the trailer by making it suitable to contain larger loads such as garden waste, boxes, furniture or other small objects. In addition, a box trailer with a cage can contain your load to make it easier to pack and transport. 

Before purchasing a box trailer, you need to take the time to consider precisely how you intend to use it and explore all the available options. 

What do you want to use the trailer for? 

It is essential to consider what you intend to use the trailer for, what materials or equipment you want to carry and how much of this material you need to carry. For example, is the trailer going to be used for your business, such as transporting tools and equipment to the job site, around the house for runs to the dump or moving house or for camping to transport all your camping gear to the campsite? 

A box trailer with a cage from Trailers 2000 is ideal for all these purposes. Removable flat-pack trailer cages can be purchased from Trailers 2000. Made from galvanised steel, cages come in four sections that bolt into the utility corner posts of a box trailer. The rear door section is fitted with hinges and locks and is designed to maintain the cage’s integrity while open. The four cage sections are easily removed and can be stored without taking up much space at all. Our flat-pack trailer cages are 600mm high, allowing for plenty of secure space to transport goods, materials and equipment, helpful addition to your box trailer.

box trailer with cage

Is a cage the right option for my box trailer?

While a cage for your box trailer can make it more versatile, other trailer additions may be more suitable for your needs. For example, the Tradesman’s canopy attachment for a box trailer is a popular option for tradespeople. Made from galvanised steel, the canopy can fit a 6×4 or 7×4 box trailer and provides safe and secure storage for tools and trade equipment. In addition, a set of bolt-on carry racks is available to attach to the Tradesman’s canopy, which is excellent for carrying ladders, timber, and other light loads.

box trailer with Tradesman Canopy

Perhaps you are looking for a solution to carry lighter but more awkward items with your box trailer. In this case, the Trailers 2000 carry racks are a great addition to your box trailer. Available to suit 4’ (1200mm) wide and 5’ (1500mm) wide trailers, carry racks may be a more affordable option to transport canoes, sporting equipment, timber, and other light loads up to 50kg.

How can you secure the load in the trailer? 

A box trailer with a cage does a lot to secure your load for you. The 600mm high cage walls keep material and equipment secured within the trailer, limiting the opportunity for movement when travelling. Depending on the load, however, additional tie downs or a cover may be needed to prevent movement of the load or it leaving the trailer when driving either at speed or over bumps. In addition, if the load shifts around the trailer while driving, it could cause the trailer and attached vehicle to roll when turning. 

As an optional extra, Trailers 2000 have tonneau covers available to suit all trailers and cages. The tonneau cover provides a weatherproof cover to protect the load and prevents smaller and lighter loads, such as garden mulch, from being blown out of the trailer. 

Box trailer with cage and tonneau cover

What material is the trailer made from? 

The best and longest-lasting trailers are made from high-quality galvanised steel. Local  Australian manufacturers like Trailers 2000 understand the Australian conditions and build trailers to survive them. From the corrosive salt air along Australia’s coasts to the dry,  hot and dusty harsh climate, heavy-duty trailers built with galvanised steel and checker plate floor are sure to last. Your trailer can also be painted in several colours to suit your taste. 

Colours range by Trailers 2000

Where will you store the trailer? 

For the longevity of your trailer, it is essential to consider how you will store it. Our trailer cages come flat-packed and can be easily attached and detached from your box trailer. This means you can keep your trailer cage within the trailer itself if required. In addition, a tonneau cover will help to protect your trailer. 

There is a lot to consider before buying yourself a trailer. But, if you haven’t purchased one before, thinking it through ensures you end up with a trailer that will serve you for years and avoid buyer remorse. Contact Trailers 2000 today to start discussing your trailer options. Click here to learn more about our range of box trailers with cages.

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