What Is A Flat Deck Trailer?

A flat deck trailer is a larger trailer with a flat deck that is used to transport large bulky items, pallets, machinery, or cars. These trailers are specifically designed for these purposes and therefore have little to no ability to transport loose materials or much smaller items. They are, however, very versatile at carrying these larger loads as they do not have walls or cages that could get in the way. 

There are 3 main types of Flat Deck trailers that are manufactured and sold by Trailers 2000.  These are our Car Carrier Range, Flat Deck Range and Uni Range. Car carrier trailers are specifically designed for the transportation of vehicles. The flat deck range is a general-purpose, versatile flat deck trailer with options including electric brakes, shackle and rocker suspension. The uni range is an adaptable option for carrying small vehicles like motorbikes or machinery ride-on lawnmowers with ramps, motorcycle kits, electric brakes, shackle and rocker suspension with optional extras available. 

What Size Flat Deck Trailers are Available? 

Flat deck trailers are available in a range of sizes, from traditional trailer sizes like a 6×4  trailer or 7×5 trailer up to a much larger 14×8 trailer. This allows you to get the benefits and versatility of a flat deck trailer no matter the size of load you want to transport. Flat Deck, Car Carrier and Uni Trailers are available in either a single or dual axle and come with a longer drawbar for towing. 

What Materials are Flat Deck Trailers Made From? 

Australia has some of the harshest conditions in the world. Dry, hot deserts, corrosive salt air, and flooding rain mean if you want a trailer that lasts, then it needs to be manufactured using galvanised steel with a checker plate floor and a high tensile steel axle. Trailers 2000 flat deck trailers are built using these high-quality materials and are guaranteed a 2-year warranty and free 2 years of roadside assistance. 

What Size Load Can They Carry? 

Due to the larger loads, they are designed to carry, a flat deck trailer is rated to a higher Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) than standard or heavy-duty trailers. An Aggregate Trailer Mass is used to determine the maximum load that can be carried by the trailer. The maximum load that can be carried is the difference between the ATM and the weight of the trailer. 

A Standard or Heavy Duty Trailer is usually rated to an ATM of 750kg. In contrast, the  Trailers 2000 Flat Deck Trailer is rated to a 2000kg ATM but is also available in 2900kg,  3200kg and 3500kg variations. 

What Options are Available? 

The versatility of a flat deck trailer can be further extended with the addition of options such as ramps, electric brakes, motorcycle kits or shackle and rocker suspension. Ramps allow for easier loading and unloading of vehicles or machinery, while electric brakes increase the safety of the trailer and its ATM.

Flat Deck Trailers are a popular and versatile type of trailer that are ideal for carrying a  range of larger and bulkier loads, including pallets, vehicles and machinery. Trailers 2000 is a leading Australian Manufacturer of trailers and our range of Flat Deck  Trailers is built using only the best materials to the highest standards. Reach out to Trailers 2000 expert team or click here to explore their range of Flat Deck Trailer options.

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