Where are TuffMate Trailers Made?

Tuffmate Trailers

TuffMate Trailers, renowned for their durability and innovative design, are proudly designed and manufactured at the Trailers 2000 facility in Beerwah, Queensland, Australia. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and engineering, TuffMate Trailers has set the new standard for toughness and reliability in the trailer industry, aptly earning the name “tuff trailers” among users and enthusiasts.

TuffMate Trailers: The Australian Made Revolution

Trailers 2000 Manufacturing facility in Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

TuffMate Trailers are the epitome of Australian ingenuity, designed with harsh Australian conditions in mind. The Trailers 2000 team, through collaboration with leading industrial designers and engineers, has introduced a patented design that integrates next-generation technology, resulting in the TuffMate2000Trailer—a trailer that surpasses all others in terms of durability and functionality.

TuffMate2000 Trailer, proudly Australian Made in Queensland.

The 6×4 TuffMate Trailer boasts a revolutionary polyethylene body immune to rust, dents, and fading. This high-impact resistant LLDPE (polyethylene) construction ensures the trailer remains in top condition and impervious to chemicals and environmental factors. The unique Seamless Dual Skin Technology enhances the body’s toughness, providing superior protection and longevity.

Features of TuffMate Trailers

TuffMate Trailers come packed with an array of outstanding features designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian users, whether for commercial or private use. Highlights include:

High-Impact Resistant LLDPE Body: Ensures no rust or corrosion and is impervious to almost any chemical.

Tuffmate trailers

Chip and Scratch Resistant Colour: With nine fantastic colours, these trailers perform well and look great.

Tuffmate trailers

Maintenance-Free Torsion Suspension Axle: For smoother, quieter, and trouble-free towing.

Tuffmate trailers

Heavy Duty Tie Down Rails: On all sides for secure transportation.

Tuffmate trailers

Rust-Free Hot Dip Galvanised Chassis: Enhances strength and durability.
Pictured here with an optional trailer cage.

Tuffmate trailers

LED Lights and Fully Protected Wiring: For optimum protection and visibility.

Tuffmate trailers

Swing Up Jockey Wheel.

Tuffmate trailers

2-Year Warranty and 2-Year Free Roadside Assistance: Guaranteeing peace of mind with every purchase.

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The Versatility of TuffMate Trailers

TuffMate trailers are designed for versatility, catering to various activities, from camping to working around the home and garden. With easy-to-fit accessories, including cages, tonneau covers, ladder racks, and more, customising your TuffMate Trailer for specific needs is straightforward and convenient. The trailers’ generous dimensions and deep sides offer ample space for various loads, making them an excellent choice for diverse applications.

Why Choose TuffMate Trailers?

TuffMate Trailers stands out for their unmatched quality and durability when choosing a trailer. They are affectionately known as “tuff trailers” for a good reason. Manufactured by Trailers 2000, a leader in the trailer manufacturing industry, these trailers are built to last and come with the assurance of excellent service, backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty and free roadside assistance.

TuffMate Trailers represent the pinnacle of Australian manufacturing excellence. They are in high demand due to their innovative design, robust construction, and various features tailored to Australian conditions.

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