What Size is a Tandem Trailer?

Standard Tandem Trailer Sizes
Tandem Trailers Can be Custom Built to Your Size Specifications.

When selecting the right trailer for your needs, understanding the size and type of trailer available is crucial. Tandem trailers, known for their stability and increased load capacity, are popular among Australians for personal and commercial use. Standard tandem trailer sizes in Australia typically include 8×5, 9×5, 10×5, 10×6, and 12×6. These dimensions offer a variety of configurations to accommodate a wide range of hauling needs. Trailers 2000 is an expert in designing and manufacturing tandem trailers and offers custom sizes and configurations. Let’s explore the benefits of using a tandem axle trailer and the different types available.

Tandem Box Trailers

Tandem Trailer Sizes

Tandem box trailers are versatile and widely used for transporting goods, equipment, and machinery. Their dual-axle design provides improved stability and weight distribution, making them ideal for heavier loads. The standard sizes of 8×5, 9×5, 10×5, 10×6, and 12×6 offer ample space for cargo, ensuring a size to match every requirement. Their robust construction makes tandem box trailers perfect for commercial and leisure activities.

Explore the Range of Tandem Trailers and Tandem Trailer Sizes.

Tandem Car Trailers

Tandem car trailers offer the strength and stability required for transporting vehicles. The Trailers 2000 tandem car trailer comes in a 13 x 6 ‘6 ” size, providing ample car space while ensuring safe and secure transportation. The dual-axle design accommodates heavier loads and aids in smoother towing, making long journeys less strenuous on the towing vehicle.

Tandem Car Trailer with Heavy Duty Chassis and Drawbar, 230mm High Sides, 2000kg Aggregate Trailer Mass.

Tandem Water Tank Trailers

Tandem axle water tank trailers come with standard disc brakes, a 2000kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), and a 1500 Litre water tank. They are also available in 2900kg, 3200kg, 3500kg, and 4500kg (ATM). 

Tandem water tank trailers are essential for agricultural, landscaping, and construction projects where water accessibility is challenging. These trailers are designed to carry large volumes of water, and their tandem axle setup ensures they can handle the weight and distribution of the water tank. Available in various sizes, they are a reliable solution for water transport needs across different industries.

Tandem Offroad Trailers

8×5 Custom-made Off-Road with 16″ tyres, 400mm sides, 100×50 drawbar, Hot dipped Galvanized 600mm high cage. 

For adventurers and those working in rugged terrains, tandem offroad trailers are engineered to withstand harsh conditions. These trailers feature heavy-duty materials and a design that offers enhanced stability and durability for off-road use. Whether for camping, exploration, or carrying supplies to remote locations, tandem offroad trailers provide the necessary support and capacity for all your off-road adventures.

Custom Tandem Trailers

Custom Tandem Trailer Sizes

Understanding that one size does not fit all, custom tandem trailers offer the flexibility to meet specific requirements. Whether you need additional features like ladder racks, specific dimensions beyond the standard sizes, or unique modifications, opting for a custom-built tandem trailer ensures you get precisely what you need. Custom tandem trailers are tailored to cater to the precise demands of your load, usage, and towing conditions.

Why Choose Trailers 2000?

When considering the purchase of a tandem trailer, selecting from the standard range and accessories or opting for a full custom-built tandem trailer from Trailers 2000 is a wise choice. As a leading manufacturer, Trailers 2000 provides high-quality, durable trailers designed to meet the rigorous demands of Australian roads and landscapes. With an extensive selection of tandem trailers and the option for customisation, Trailers 2000 ensures you can find or create the perfect trailer to suit your specific needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a box trailer, car trailer, water tank trailer, offroad trailer, or a custom tandem trailer, understanding each type’s standard sizes and benefits is the first step towards making an informed decision. With Trailers 2000, you can access a wide range of high-quality tandem trailers that promise performance, durability, and safety. 

Choose Trailers 2000 for your trailer requirements and experience first-hand the difference that quality and expertise can make.