Why Are Water Trailers Needed in Australia?

Water Trailer

Water trailers are vital in numerous applications across Australia, proving their necessity in multiple sectors. From firefighting and dust suppression to civil construction and agricultural tasks, the versatile water trailer is indispensable. Read on to explore why water trailers are essential in Australia and discover the benefits of choosing a water trailer from Trailers 2000.

Versatile Water Trailers for All Conditions

A water trailer is designed to operate efficiently in all kinds of conditions, making it suitable for use in metro, regional, and rural areas. Whether you’re tackling dust suppression on a construction site, aiding in firefighting efforts, or maintaining your property, a water trailer is a valuable asset. Its ability to perform both on and off-road ensures that these trailers are adaptable to Australia’s diverse landscapes.

Water Trailers Suit Multiple Applications

water trailer for fire fighting

Water trailers are indispensable for numerous applications, including:

Firefighting: Quick response and mobility are critical in firefighting. A water trailer allows you to carry significant quantities of water, making it easier to control fires, especially in remote or rural areas.

Dust Suppression: Construction and civil sites generate a lot of dust. A water trailer helps manage dust, improve air quality and visibility, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Agricultural Use: Farmers and property owners use water trailers for irrigation, livestock watering, and general maintenance, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Robust Design for Rugged Conditions

Australian conditions can be harsh, requiring equipment that can withstand extreme environments. Trailers 2000 offers water trailers that are hot dip galvanised, providing superior protection against rust and corrosion. These trailers are built to handle rugged terrains and harsh Australian weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for any task.

Water Trailers Come in a Variety of Sizes and Capacities

At Trailers 2000, we understand that different applications require different capacities. Our tandem axle water tank trailers are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right water tank for your needs. Our Global polyethylene water cartage tanks range from 1000 to 3000 litres, ensuring you have enough water to do the job.

Customisable Features of Water Trailers

Every job has unique requirements, so Trailers 2000 offers customisable features for your water trailer. Options include:

Single or Tandem Axle: Choose between single-axle models with 1000-litre tanks or tandem-axle models with capacities up to 3000 litres.

Suspension Types: Options include slipper, shackle, and rocker suspension to match your specific needs.

Braking Systems: Mechanical and electric brakes are available, ensuring safe and efficient stopping power.

Pump Types: Select from petrol or diesel pumps based on your preference and application.

Hose Reels: Various hose reels and nozzles are available, allowing you to customise your water trailer to suit your exact requirements.

Built Stronger, Built Better

water trailer

Trailers 2000 water trailers are built to last. Our single-axle models feature a 1000-litre water tank with mechanical disc brakes and a 1500kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM). Tandem-axle models come standard with disc brakes and capacities ranging from 1500 to 3000 litres, with higher capacity options available up to 4500kg (ATM). Each trailer includes a checkerplate rear deck, long drawbar, swing-up jockey wheel, spare wheel bracket, and magnetic trailer plug.

Unmatched Warranty and Support

When you purchase a water trailer from Trailers 2000, you make a wise investment. Our trailers come with an unbeatable 2-year warranty and FREE 2-year roadside assistance, providing peace of mind and reliable support wherever your work takes you.

Experience the Difference with Trailers 2000

Choosing a water trailer from Trailers 2000 means choosing a product that’s built stronger and built better. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a trailer capable of meeting the demands of your toughest jobs. Experience the reliability and performance of a Trailers 2000 water trailer for yourself.

Water trailers are essential for a variety of applications across Australia. Whether for firefighting, dust suppression, or agricultural use, a water trailer provides the versatility, durability, and capacity needed to do the job. Trailers 2000 offers top-quality water trailers with customisable features, robust design, and unmatched warranty and support, making Trailers2000 your go-to choice in Australia.