What makes an off road trailer different to a normal trailer?

Off road trailer adventure in Queensland.
Off road trailer adventure in Queensland.

Embarking on an Australian off-road journey demands trailers that can stand up to the challenge. At Trailers2000.com.au, we’ve designed and crafted off-road trailers that redefine exploration, taking you from sandy beaches to the heart of Australia and rugged terrains. These trailers aren’t just your average haulers – they’re purpose-built to conquer the great outdoors. Our off road trailers come in standard single axle or tandem axle designs. We can also manufacture custom-made off-road trailers to meet more specific requirements. Let’s delve into what makes our off-road trailers distinct from the norm.

Unrivalled Off-Road Performance

Off-road exploration requires trailers designed to withstand more challenging conditions. Our off-road trailers are meticulously engineered with features that set them apart:

Built for Toughness: Galvanised steel construction ensures that our off road trailers are ready to withstand the toughest conditions, providing the durability needed for off-road adventures. Galvanised steel is highly resistant to rust and corrosion – perfect protection on a beach fishing trip or coastal camping adventure.

Mastering the Terrain: Heavy-duty suspension is a game-changer, offering a smoother and more controlled ride over uneven terrain, enhancing your comfort and control and protecting the contents of your off road trailer from damage.

Secure Cargo Hold: Deep sides provide more space and secure storage for your off road essentials, ensuring your gear stays protected even on the roughest roads.

Modified Drawbar: A longer and heavier drawbar, 200 mm longer than standard, adds stability and control, making manoeuvring through challenging terrains a seamless experience. The addition of double chains provides added security.
Customised Axles and Hubs: Tailored off road trailer axles and hubs make our trailers easily handle the most demanding terrains.

Performance-Enhancing Features

Focusing on functionality, our off road trailers are loaded with features designed to enhance your towing experience:

Built Tough: Galvanised steel construction ensures these trailers are a force to be reckoned with, safeguarding against the elements and ensuring longevity. The trailers are available in 12 different colours, adding further protection from the elements.

Strong Grip: New wheels and tyres deliver reliable performance and exceptional grip, making sure you stay in control on any surface.

Durable Floor: The rugged checker plate floor adds an extra layer of toughness, guarding against impacts when navigating challenging trails.

Solid Chassis: A full chassis design guarantees stability and structural integrity, even in the most extreme off-road situations.

Cargo Security: Heavy-duty tie rails encircle the trailer, providing secure attachment points for your cargo.

Impressive Load Capacity: With an outstanding 2000kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), our off road trailers are built to carry substantial loads. Need more? Choose from 2900 kg, 3200kg, and 3500kg ATM upgrade options.

Tailored Off Road Customisations

Single Axle Off Road Trailer
Single Axle Off Road Trailer
Tandem Axle Off Road Trailer
Tandem Axle Off Road Trailer

Personalise your off road trailer to suit your unique needs. Choose from various optional extras, including side steps, off road couplings, jerrycan holders, gas bottle holders, toolboxes, and rocker roller suspensions.

Our comprehensive range of accessories offers utility and convenience, featuring cages, covers, pantec tops, ladder racks, drop-in bike racks, jockey wheels, and spare wheels.

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Embark on Your Off-Road Adventure
Are you prepared to embrace the wild side of Australia? Enquire now, and let us know about any customisation ideas you have. Trailers2000.com.au is your gateway to a world of unrivalled off-road experiences.