What makes a trailer suitable for off-road?

 Heavy duty off road custom trailer for quad bikes

When it comes to conquering rough terrain, not just any trailer will do. This is where a heavy duty off-road custom trailer comes into play, a specialty of Trailers 2000, a renowned manufacturer based on the Sunshine Coast. In this case study, we dive into the specifics of what makes their trailers ideal for off-road adventures, focusing on a pair of trailers designed for transporting quad bikes.

The Genesis of a Heavy Duty Off-Road Custom Trailer

The journey begins with precise measurements of the quad bikes, ensuring the heavy duty off-road custom trailers are tailor-made for their cargo. This meticulous approach is a hallmark of Trailers 2000, reflecting their commitment to bespoke solutions.

Key Features of the Trailers 2000 Off-Road Design

Heavy duty off road custom trailer

Heavy Duty Off Road Custom Quad Bike Trailers

Features Include:

  • Customisation Around Bike Measurements:
    Each heavy duty off-road custom trailer is crafted around the specific dimensions of the quad bikes, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

  • Advanced Jockey Wheel System:
    Featuring an extreme off-road jockey wheel with adjustable height, a swivel-away feature, and a removable magnetic handle, maneuvering these trailers is effortless and precise.

  • Custom Rack for Ramps:
    Tailored to accommodate ramps, this feature illustrates the attention to detail in every heavy duty off-road custom trailer.

  • Strategic Tie Points:
    Ensuring the safety and stability of the cargo, these tie points are integral to the design.

  • Robust Construction:
    Using a 3mm thick steel 100 x 50 drawbar, extending into the spring hanger alongside 75 x 50 front and side members, underpins the trailer’s strength.

  • Off-Road Springs with Greasable Shackle Pins:
    Enhancing the off-road capability, these springs are built to endure.

  • Solid Steel Axle with Parallel Bearings:
    This feature ensures reliability and durability, with the same bearings used for both inner and outer.

  • Protective Side Steps:
    Doubling as platforms for jerry cans or toolboxes, these steps also safeguard the mudguards from impacts.

  • All-Around Tie Down Rails:
    Providing versatility in securing loads, these rails encompass the trailer.

  • LED Lights and Flat Bar Integration:
    Ensuring visibility and safety, the LED lights are seamlessly integrated.

  • Galvanised Steel Construction:
    Every steel component in the heavy duty off-road custom trailer is galvanised, warding off corrosion and wear.

  • Tow Point/Recovery Point:
    A critical feature for any off-road situation, enhancing the trailer’s utility.

  • Extreme Off-Road Trailer:
    Built to withstand the harshest environments, these trailers are a testament to durability and resilience.

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Trailers 2000: The Off-Road Trailer Experts

Throughout each stage, from conception to construction, the expertise of Trailers 2000 in designing heavy duty off-road custom trailers shines through. They don’t just build trailers; they craft solutions that meet the exact needs of their adventurous clientele. With their deep understanding of off-road challenges and commitment to quality, Trailers 2000 stands out as a leader in custom off-road trailer design.

A heavy duty off-road custom trailer from Trailers 2000 isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in durability, reliability, and bespoke design. Whether it’s for transporting quad bikes or other off-road adventures, these trailers are built to deliver performance that matches the ruggedness of the Australian outdoors.