What is the length of a trailer in Australia?

Trailer Dimensions Australia

Understanding trailer dimensions in Australia is crucial for personal and commercial uses. With various manufacturers offering different sizes, Australian-made trailers usually follow standard measurements. Trailers 2000, a leading Australian trailer manufacturer, exemplifies these standard dimensions. This article explores Australia’s most common trailer dimensions, ensuring you have all the necessary information for your trailer needs.

Standard Box Trailer Dimensions in Australia

One of the most sought-after trailer types is the standard box trailer. These trailers are versatile, making them ideal for a range of activities. Below are the specific trailer dimensions in Australia for standard box trailers manufactured by Trailers 2000, which reflect the national standards.

Box Trailer Dimensions Flat Deck Trailer Dimensions

6 x 4450mm1800mm1100mm2980mm1200mm1680mm
7 x 4450mm2100mm1340mm3440mm1200mm1680mm
7 x 5450mm2100mm1380mm3480mm1500mm1980mm
8 x 5450mm2400mm1500mm3900mm1500mm1980mm

These standard box trailer dimensions in Australia cater to a variety of needs, making them a popular choice among consumers.

Custom Trailer Dimensions in Australia

As the name suggests, custom trailers will likely have trailer lengths that deviate from the norm.

However, a standard chassis is sometimes used as a base and then modified. Custom trailers offer tailored solutions for specific requirements. In Australia, trailer dimensions for custom models can be modified to suit individual needs. Trailers 2000 is known for accommodating custom requests and ensuring that the trailer dimensions in Australia meet the specific demands of their customers.

Custom Trailer Designs by Trailers 2000

Car Trailer Dimensions in Australia

Car trailers are designed for transporting vehicles safely and efficiently. The trailer dimensions in Australia for car trailers vary based on the size and type of vehicles they are intended to carry. Trailers 2000 provides a range of car trailer dimensions to fit different vehicle sizes.

Car Trailer 2000kg Heavy DutySize: 14 x 6’6” (4200 x 1980)

Large Enclosed Furniture Trailer Dimensions in Australia

For moving furniture or large items, enclosed furniture trailers are ideal. These trailers offer protection from the elements and secure transportation. The trailer dimensions in Australia for large enclosed furniture trailers are designed to accommodate a substantial amount of goods, making them perfect for big moves or commercial transport.

Large Enclosed Furniture Trailer Dimensions in AustraliaSize: 12 x 6 (3600 x 1800)

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Dimensions in Australia

Hydraulic tipping trailers are invaluable for construction and landscaping projects. These trailers use hydraulics for easy unloading of materials. The trailer dimensions in Australia for hydraulic tipping trailers vary, but they are built to handle heavy loads and large volumes.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Heavy Duty 8 x 5Size: 8 x 5 (2400 x 1500)

Flat Deck Trailer Dimensions in Australia

Flat deck trailers are versatile and suitable for carrying various items. The trailer dimensions in Australia for flat deck trailers are designed to provide a spacious and secure platform for transportation. These trailers are often used in industrial and commercial contexts.

Flat Deck Trailer Heavy Duty 9 x 6Size: 9 x 6 (2650 x 1700)

Flat Deck TrailerWith Drop Down Sides

Understanding trailer dimensions in Australia is essential for making an informed decision when purchasing or using a trailer. Whether it’s a standard box trailer or a specialised model like a hydraulic tipping trailer, Trailers 2000 offers a variety of options to meet different needs.

With this guide, you can confidently choose the right trailer based on the specific dimensions suited to your requirements.