What is a Pantech trailer?

Trailers2000 Pantech Trailer featuring Side Door Option

A Pantech trailer is an enclosed trailer designed to carry your load and keep it safe and out of the weather. Pantech refers to a solid enclosure on a trailer with side doors and you can have them with a rear door if needed. 

Pantech trailers are pretty common in Australia. These trailers are versatile, reliable, and adaptable for transporting large items domestically and commercially. A typical example is this large enclosed trailer, designed to transport luggage, goods and equipment of different capacities and sizes.

Trailers 2000’s pantech trailers stand out from other enclosed trailers because of their quality of  build and the trailer’s reliability. Their design makes them one of the most reliable enclosed trailers available in the market.

What material is the Pantech trailer made of?

The primary material in the body of the trailer is high quality aluminium composite panel. Aluminium composite panel is lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, has excellent strength and a high quality finish. Because of these properties, Trailers 2000 chooses only to use this material for the body of any enclosed trailer.

Features of Pantech Trailers

Pantech trailers come in a range of sizes from 6 x 4 up to 12 x 6 and beyond.  The can be customised to any size and height with as many doors and features as you would like. To enhance the functionality and convenience of your trailer, you can even get features like dividing walls, shelves, sliding out drawers or tables . These kinds of features cover a wide range of different functions, so it is best to ask your Trailers 2000 expert for help choosing the right ones. 

Our Pantech trailer comes with either rear or side doors, so depending on what you want to carry, you can choose one that is more convenient for you and your load. It also comes in a range of colours.

Now that you know what a pantech trailer is and what you can do with it, check out our trailers for sale and see if any meet your needs. Remember, we can always customise something for you.  When you purchase any of our trailers, you get a two-year warranty, including free roadside assistance. Contact our experts today to get started.