Tips For Safely Towing A Trailer

The thought of hauling a whole mass behind your vehicle could be frightening, especially to inexperienced drivers. Towing a trailer requires a new set of skills and knowledge different from driving skills. However, it could be an easy adventure if safety tips are carefully observed while towing.

Safety tips to observe when towing a trailer 

Towing a trailer requires extra caution. Adherence (to the road rules) and the trailer manufacturer’s instructions in the manual (and on the Trailers 2000 website is important for safety while towing your trailer at any time. Be it a single axle box trailer axle or a tandem axle box trailer or a car trailer, here are some tips on how to tow your trailer safely.

  •  Ensure the trailer and the towing vehicle are roadworthy

Before putting your trailer on the road, make sure it is in roadworthy condition. Ensure all the tyres are in good shape and properly inflated. Ensure brakes are functioning properly. Ensure the coupling is correctly connected to the towing vehicle and connect the safety chain to the vehicle.

  • Maintain approved speed limits

Make sure that while towing a trailer, you adhere to the speed limit set by the applicable traffic laws of the state you are traveling within. 

  • Slow down

When negotiating corners and curves, it is advised you slow down. Maintain a steady speed and allow both the vehicle and the trailer to slow without overbraking. It’s a good idea to allow extra space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.Increased stopping distances are required when towing a trailer. Extra caution is required when overtaking whilst towing a trailer.  

  • Get help when reversing or parking

(For those) inexperienced (at reversing a) trailer drivers (it is advised) are advised to seek help from someone else to help out with blind spots and distance while reversing or parking the trailer. Make sure you can see the person who is helping in your mirrors. Have the person assisting use agreed hand signals to assist you.

  • Apply brakes carefully

Always use caution whilst towing a trailer leaving ample space for braking. In an event of trailer sway, avoid applying the brakes and  allow the vehicle to slow naturally. Those with an electric brake controller in their vehicle can apply the trailer brakes by using the override on the controller to safely slow the trailer without applying the brakes on the towing vehicle.

  • Check your load

Loading your trailer properly is crucial to safety when towing on the highway. Always ensure the heaviest part of the load is forward of the axles, if it’s a small load then all of the load is forward of the axles. Do not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle as well as the load capacity of the trailer as set by the trailer manufacturer.

  • Get prepared 

When preparing for a trip, ensure you have a fully inflated spare tyre and a jack and wheel wrench with you.

Why is it important to tow a trailer safely?

Towing safely ensures the safety of both the driver, the trailer itself and other road users. Other important benefits of towing safely includes;

  • Prevents traffic accidents: Observing safety tips helps prevent accidents. 
  • Protects the trailer from damage: towing your trailer safely keeps your trailer looking great. 
  • Prevents loss of lives and property: it is our responsibility to practice safe towing and help keep everyone safe.  
  • Prevents the breach of traffic laws and regulations: The very same laws apply to those towing trailers so drive safely within the applicable laws.

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