How To Load a Car in an Enclosed Trailer.

We Should Have Used an Enclosed Car Trailer!

When it comes to transporting high-value performance or vintage cars, the enclosed car trailer stands out as the premier choice. An enclosed car trailer provides superior protection against the elements and road debris, ensuring your prized vehicle arrives at its destination in pristine condition. Unlike the risks associated with using a tow truck, which can potentially harm a car’s chassis and paintwork, an enclosed car trailer offers a safer and more secure mode of transport. Trailers 2000 is at the forefront of this industry, specializing in custom designs for both open and enclosed car trailers tailored to meet your vehicle’s unique needs.

Understanding Enclosed Car Trailers

An enclosed car trailer is specifically designed to transport vehicles in a completely sheltered environment. These trailers are often custom-made to accommodate the specific dimensions and requirements of the car they are carrying. Additional storage for car parts and tools is frequently included, making them not just a transport solution but a comprehensive care workshop for your vehicle.

Loading a Car in an Enclosed Trailer

Loading a car into an enclosed car trailer is a process that requires attention to detail and adherence to safety guidelines. The steps are similar to loading a car on an open trailer but with the added benefit of enclosed protection.

  • Line up the Trailer Ramp: Position the trailer ramp in line with the car to ensure a smooth entry into the trailer.
  • Attach the Winch: Use a winch to help guide the car into the trailer. This is especially useful for non-operational cars or to minimize wear and tear.
  • Stand Clear while Winching: Always maintain a safe distance during the winching process to avoid any accidents.
  • Do not Exceed the Capacity of the Winch: Ensure that the winch’s capacity is not exceeded to prevent any mechanical failures.
  • Never Fully Extend the Winch Cable on the Winch: Keep the winch cable taut but not overly stretched to maintain optimal control.
  • Secure the Load with Straps and Tie-Downs: Once the car is inside the enclosed car trailer, use straps and tie-downs to secure it. Pay particular attention to the wheels, ensuring they are tightly tied down and choked for added security. Ensure the car is out of gear and the handbrake is on. 

Driving into the Trailer

While it is possible to drive the car directly into the enclosed car trailer, this requires precision and is generally recommended only for experienced drivers. This method eliminates the need for a winch but demands careful maneuvering to avoid any damage to the car or the trailer.

Learn More with Trailers 2000

For a more in-depth guide on loading a car onto a car trailer, we invite you to read our Safe Trailer Loading Brochure.

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