How much weight can a 7×5 trailer carry?

When it comes to transporting goods, whether for personal, camping, or business use, the capacity of your trailer is crucial. In this article, we focus on the 7 x 5 trailer, a part of the robust Heavy Duty Range from Trailers 2000, and explore its weight-carrying capabilities.

The 7 x 5 Trailer: A Heavy Duty Marvel

7 x 5 Trailer For Sale Sunshine Coast

The 7 x 5 trailer is a standout in Trailers 2000’s Heavy Duty Range, which also includes 6×4, 7×4, and 8×5 sizes. This 7 x 5 trailer, measuring 2100mm x 1500mm, is designed to handle tough Australian conditions with ease. Crafted with 100% Australian-made, galvanised steel, this 7 x 5 trailer is not just tough but also built to last. Its key features include new wheels and tyres, LED lights, a checkerplate floor, jockey wheel clamp, a spare wheel bracket, and a magnetic trailer plug. The 7 x 5 trailer’s utility corner posts allow for easy fitting of a cage or rack, enhancing its versatility.

Weight Carrying Capacity of the 7 x 5 Trailer

One of the most impressive aspects of the 7 x 5 trailer is its weight-carrying capacity. The 7 x 5 trailer has a 750kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), making it ideal for a wide range of uses. The 7 x 5 trailer’s low maintenance galvanised steel body, full chassis with a cross member every 255mm, and heavy-duty tie rails all around ensure stability and durability under load. The 365mm deep sides and lockable tailgate of the 7 x 5 trailer add to its practicality.

Where to Buy a 7 x 5 Trailer in Australia

For those looking to purchase a 7 x 5 trailer, Trailers 2000 is your go-to destination. Our 7 x 5 trailer and other sizes are distributed Australia-wide, ensuring you have access to quality trailers no matter where you are in the country.

7 x 5 Trailer Manufacturers on the Sunshine Coast

Trailers Manufactured on the Sunshine Coast – distributed Australia-wide

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Trailers 2000 is a leading manufacturer where you can find the 7 x 5 trailer, along with other sizes and styles. We have trailers for sale in Beerwah directly from our manufacturing site. Feel free to drop in and see what we have in stock or to arrange your custom trailer design. Alternatively, you can order online or through Bunnings stores, catering to a broad customer base.

Trailers for Sale at Bunnings

Bunnings Minchinbury Corner John Hines Avenue & Great Western Highway Minchinbury NSW, along with other Bunnings Stores, have set up the Trailers2000 Bundle Promotional display in-store.

Bunnings, a well-known name in Australia with hundreds of stores across Australia, also distributes the Trailers 2000 range. You can easily order the versatile 7 x 5 trailer at various Bunnings locations, making it convenient to purchase this heavy-duty trailer. View the Bunnings Range.

Trailer Hire Sunshine Coast

For those not looking to purchase a 7 x 5 trailer, hiring is a great option. The Sunshine Coast offers several options for trailer hire. A newcomer in the trailer hire market is Trailer2You which has the unique offering of hire trailers delivered to your door. While they don’t specifically hire 7 x 5 trailers, they do hire many other options, such as the 7 x 4 and 8 x 5 box trailers with a cage.

Rent then Buy 7 x 5 Trailers

An innovative approach is our rent then buy option for a 7 x 5 trailer or any of the other trailers in our range. This allows you to experience the trailer before committing to a purchase, ensuring it meets your requirements (conditions apply). You can also arrange for customisations to suit your specific requirements – perhaps to carry ladders and timber through the week and bikes and surfboards on the weekend.

The Capabilities of the 7 x 5 Trailer

The 7 x 5 trailer from Trailers 2000, with its 750kg ATM, is an excellent choice for a range of purposes. Its durability, quality construction, and versatility make it ideal for Australian conditions. We encourage you to explore the full range of trailers for sale from Trailers 2000 or for rent from Trailer2You. Discover the perfect trailer to meet your needs today.