How custom trailer manufacturers turn your ideas into reality.

Custom Trailer Manufacturers

The Benefits of Customising a Trailer

In a world where individual needs and preferences are increasingly prioritised, custom trailer manufacturers are playing a crucial role. By customising trailers, we offer a level of personalisation and functionality that standard trailers simply cannot match. Whether for recreational use, such as camping and boating, or for industry-specific purposes, like construction and landscaping, the benefits of a custom trailer are numerous. They provide tailor-made solutions that fit the exact requirements of the user, ensuring efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Custom Trailer Options Available

Custom trailer manufacturers like Trailers 2000 offer a wide range of options to meet diverse needs. From choosing the right size and materials to adding specific features like extra axles, toolboxes, or unique loading mechanisms, the possibilities are virtually endless. These customisations not only enhance the utility of the trailer but also ensure that it stands up to the specific challenges and demands of its intended use.

Custom Mower Trailers

For those in the landscaping and maintenance industry, custom mower trailers are essential. These trailers are designed to safely and efficiently transport various types of mowing equipment. Trailers 2000 is an experienced custom trailer manufacturer and understands the importance of secure storage and easy access. Thus we often incorporate features like built-in ramps, reinforced flooring, and adjustable compartments. The painted white galvanised 10 x 6 steel mower trailer shown below was customised to include a large mower box with a ramp, side cupboard with shelving, custom 1200mm high sides, drop-down rear ramps, cage and toolbox.

Galvanised Mower Trailer Painted Custom Mower Trailer

Custom Flat Deck Tandem Trailer

A custom flat deck tandem trailer is perfect for those who need a versatile and robust solution for transporting large and heavy items. Ideal for industries like construction or for recreational users who need to transport vehicles like ATVs, these trailers are designed for strength and stability. Customisations can include different lengths and widths, removable sides, or specific tie-down points to secure the load. Another advantage of a flat deck trailer is the ability to load from the trailer sides.

Trailers2000 Custom Heavy Duty Mine Spec Flat Deck Tandem Trailer with drop-down sides, Headboard and racks with Zincanneal galvanized steel.

Custom Plant Trailer

For transporting heavy machinery like excavators or bulldozers, a custom plant trailer is indispensable. Custom trailer manufacture requires these trailers to be designed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring they can handle the weight and size of heavy machinery. Custom features might include hydraulic ramps, heavy-duty axles, reinforced steel frames to ensure stability and ease of loading, electric brakes and a Bluetooth controller.

3200kg Custom GVM Plant Trailer with Auger Rack, manufactured by Trailers 2000

Why Choose Custom Trailer Manufacturers like Trailers 2000?

Trailer Manufacturing Excellence

Established in 1993 and operating from their manufacturing facility in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Trailers 2000 is a testament to the excellence of custom trailer manufacturers. Our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation has made us a trusted name in the industry. Recently recognised as a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards for excellence in the manufacturing category, Trailers 2000 stands out for its exceptional after-sales service and nationwide distribution.

When you choose custom trailer manufacturers like Trailers 2000, you’re not just buying a trailer; you’re investing in a solution tailored to your specific needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Trailers 2000 ensures that your ideas turn into reality, providing you with a trailer that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

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