How are trailer sizes measured in Australia?

Trailer Sizes Australia

When it comes to understanding trailer sizes in Australia, it’s crucial to recognise that despite the country’s adoption of the metric system, car trailer measurements are still referred to in feet. This unique blend of measurement systems can sometimes be confusing, but it’s a standard practice in the Australian trailer industry. This article will delve into how trailer sizes are measured in Australia, focusing particularly on the offerings from Trailers 2000, a leading manufacturer in this space.

Understanding Trailer Sizes in Australia

Trailer sizes in Australia are typically measured by their length and width, with the dimensions given in feet and inches. This is interesting because, in most other contexts, Australia uses the metric system for measurements. However, in the trailer industry, the imperial system still reigns supreme.

Standard Painted Galvanised Trailers

Standard Trailer Sizes Australia

Let’s look at some specific measurements from Trailers 2000’s standard painted galvanised range to understand better how trailer sizes in Australia are determined. These trailers combine durability with functionality, making them ideal for various uses.

Painted Galvanised Trailers Australia Standard Sizes

5 x 3’6″450mm1500mm1100mm2600mm1050mm1530mm
6 x 4450mm1800mm1250mm3050mm1200mm1680mm
7 x 4450mm2100mm1340mm3440mm1200mm1680mm
7 x 5450mm2100mm1380mm3480mm1500mm1980mm
8 x 5450mm2400mm1500mm3900mm1500mm1980mm

Off Road Trailers

Trailers 2000 also offers a range of off road trailers, which differ slightly in dimensions to cater to different terrain and usage needs.

Trailer Sizes Australia
6 x 4500mm1800mm1580mm3380mm1200mm1720mm
7 x 4500mm2100mm1560mm3660mm1200mm1720mm
7 x 5500mm2100mm1500mm3600mm1500mm2020mm
8 x 5500mm2400mm1500mm3900mm1500mm2020mm
Off Road Trailer Dimensions

By comparing the measurements in the above tables, you will see that many measurements are similar. However, measurements relating to the clearance, trailer sides height and L3, including the longer drawbar, differ.

Choosing the Right Trailer Size

Deciding on the right trailer size depends on your specific needs. While standard sizes suffice for most, some situations require custom trailer designs. It’s essential to talk to experienced manufacturers like Trailers 2000 about your intended use for the trailer. They can guide you on whether a standard size is suitable or if a custom design would better meet your needs.

Rent Then Buy Option

A significant advantage of opting for Trailers 2000 trailers in Australia is their ‘Rent Then Buy’ option. This program allows customers to use a trailer without needing a large initial outlay, providing flexibility and affordability. It’s an excellent way for customers to get the trailer they need without the immediate financial burden.

In summary, when discussing trailer sizes in Australia, it’s important to note that measurements are often given in feet and inches, despite the country’s standard use of the metric system. Trailers 2000 offers a wide range of trailers in standard and offroad configurations, with various sizes to suit different needs. Their expert team can help you decide on the best size for your requirements, and their Rent Then Buy option makes acquiring a trailer more accessible for everyone. Contact Trailers 2000 for more information and find the perfect trailer for your needs in Australia.