Factors affecting the box trailer with cage price.

Box Trailers with a cage are known for their versatility and provide a cost-effective hauling solution for many families and businesses. When investing in a box trailer with cage, there are a number of factors that will affect the price including:

The base model of your box trailer.

Unless you are having a custom built trailer made, when researching the price of a box trailer with a cage, you most likely will get separate quotes for the box trailer itself and the cage accessory.

The price of a standard box trailer would generally start at around $1600 and increase depending on the size, number of axles and construction materials. The best box trailers are generally constructed from galvanised steel, with painted options available. 

Hot Dip Galvanised Box Trailer With Corner Posts
Polyethylene Box Trailer With Corner Posts

Polyethylene Box Trailer With Corner Posts

There are also polyethylene trailers, which are lightweight, durable and won’t rust. As with all Trailers 2000 box trailers, the TuffMate2000 Box Trailer has built-in corner posts that can easily accommodate the addition of a trailer cage.

Box trailers come in a range of different sizes. The size of your box trailer will directly affect the price of your trailer cage. The bigger the box trailer, the larger your trailer cage will need to be, and the greater the price.

If you already have a box trailer with built-in corner posts, it may be possible to simply add the trailer cage as an accessory. If your trailer doesn’t have corner posts, then the universal cage is the way to go for your trailer. 

The size of your trailer cage.

When setting up a box trailer with cage, one of the most popular options is to purchase the cage as a trailer cage kit or trailer cage flat pack.

  Painted Galvanised Box Trailer With Cage

Trailers 2000 offers a comprehensive range of trailer cages which are available directly from Trailers2000.com.au, Trailers2000parts.com.au  and by special order from Bunnings.

The key features of Trailer Cage Kits manufactured by Trailers 2000 are:

Hot-Dip Galvanised for Longevity

Our cage boasts a hot-dip galvanised finish, ensuring it remains rust-free, sturdy, and durable over time.

Easy Assembly

The cage comprises four sections that effortlessly come together to create a resilient structure. No complex assembly is required.

Universal Fit

Designed to fit seamlessly on various metal trailers, attaching it is a breeze. Simply drill and bolt it onto the lip of your trailer. Better still, attach it to a Trailers 2000 trailer, which has built-in corner posts to accommodate the cage. See video.

Removable and Swinging Gate

The rear gate is not only removable but also swings a full 270 degrees, neatly tucking away against the side panel when not in use.

Convenient Storage

After use, disassemble the four sections of the cage to flatten and store them with ease.

These easy-to-fit cages are perfect for a range of purposes, including camping trips, house moves, and disposing of garden waste. The kit includes the cage and the necessary bolts for securing it to your trailer. If you have a Trailers 2000 box trailer, the box trailer and cage are compatible, making attaching and detaching a breeze.

Watch the video below showing how easy it is to assemble the box trailer with cage combo.

Explore our range of box trailers with a cage below:

T2000 10 x 6 Hot Dip Gal Cage

You may also like to consider our Rent Then Buy option, which is available when purchasing directly from Trailers 2000.

If our standard offerings are not quite what you had in mind, speak to us about custom trailer design.

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