Do Bunnings sell trailer accessories?

Bunnings Trailer Accessories, Proudly Supplied by Trailers 2000

Bunnings, the leading hardware retailer in Australia, is known for its wide range of products catering to various needs. In collaboration with Trailers 2000, Bunnings proudly offers a comprehensive selection of trailers and trailer accessories designed and manufactured by Trailers 2000. These Bunnings Trailer Accessories complement the Bunnings Range of Trailers and are available for purchase through the Bunnings website or any of their 300-plus stores across Australia.

The partnership between Trailers 2000 and Bunnings has allowed customers to access a range of high-quality trailer accessories conveniently. So whether you’re looking for accessories to improve storage, protect your cargo, or enhance safety, Bunnings Trailer Accessories have you covered.

Let’s explore some of the popular trailer accessories available through Bunnings:

Trailer Cage: The Bunnings Trailer Accessories collection includes the Trailers 2000 Universal Trailer Cage, designed to fit a range of standard trailers from 6 x 4 to 8 x 5. This cage provides additional security and versatility for transporting goods. In addition, it can be easily installed and removed as needed, making it a practical choice for various purposes.

Trailer Cage, Bunnings Trailer Accessory Supplied by Trailers 2000

Trailer Cage Cover: To protect your belongings from the elements during transportation, the Trailers 2000 Trailer Cage Cover is an excellent addition. Compatible with a range of trailer cages from 6 x 4 to 8 x 5, this cover offers reliable protection against rain, wind, and debris. Made from durable materials, the Trailer Cage Cover ensures long-lasting performance.

Canopy: Bunnings offers the Trailers 2000 Tradesman’s Canopy if you require an enclosed trailer solution. This canopy is designed for a 6 x 4ft and 7 x 4ft trailer, providing a secure and weatherproof enclosure for transporting valuable or sensitive items. So whether you’re a tradesperson or need extra protection for your goods, the Canopy is a practical accessory available through Bunnings.

Carry Rack: The Trailers 2000 Carry Rack is an ideal choice when transporting additional items on your trailer. Compatible with Trailers 2000 trailers, this accessory provides a sturdy platform for carrying extra equipment or cargo. The Carry Racks are designed to expand the carrying capacity of your trailer and is are through Bunnings.

New Spare Wheel: Bunnings Trailer Accessories also include new spare wheels for your trailer. Whether you need a 13 or 14-inch spare wheel with a trailer tyre, Bunnings offers Trailers 2000 options to ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected tyre issues. In addition, having a spare wheel gives you peace of mind during long journeys or when towing heavy loads.

Mudflap Set: Safety is a top priority for trailer accessories, and Bunnings provides the Trailers 2000 Mudflap Set to help keep your trailer and surroundings clean. This set includes two mudflaps designed to prevent dirt, rocks, and other debris from being kicked up by your trailer wheels. By reducing the risk of damage to your trailer or other vehicles, the Mudflap Set offers an essential safety feature for trailer owners.

Bunnings are proud to offer a range of Trailers 2000 accessories as part of their Bunnings Trailer Accessories collection. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality, safety, and convenience of Trailers 2000 trailers. Whether you need a trailer cage, cage cover, canopy, carry rack, spare wheel, or mudflap set, Bunnings provides these accessories both online and through their numerous stores.
It’s important to note that while Bunnings offers a comprehensive range of Trailers 2000 accessories, specific parts or accessories may not be available through Bunnings. For such cases, Trailers 2000 has a dedicated online trailer supply store called Trailers 2000 Parts, where customers can find a wide selection of trailer parts and accessories conveniently available for purchase.