About Trailers 2000 – Australian Trailer Manufacturers

In 1993, Stuart and Jenny Daniels established a trailer manufacturing company in Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. From its humble beginnings, Trailers 2000 began to expand and gain widespread acceptance among trailer owners in Australia. Thirty years later, Trailers 2000 is the leading trailer manufacturer in Australia, and its products have come to be associated with quality, durability, and excellence.

Ready to discover why Trailers 2000 is regarded as Australia’s Favourite trailer manufacturer and why its products are highly sought-after? Read on to find out.

What is “Trailers 2000?”

Trailers 2000 is the leading Australian manufacturer of trailers and trailer parts. All products from Trailers 2000 are long-lasting, dependable, and of superior quality. Trailers 2000 has purpose-built factories where its products are made and a national sales and distribution network to ensure that its products are available in every part of Australia.

With over thirty years of experience under its belt, Trailers 2000 strives to offer excellent products using innovation and technology. The company’s major goal is to ensure that every Australian has access to affordable trailers without compromising quality.

What products does Trailers 2000 offer?

Trailers 2000 offers a wide range of products, ranging from tandem axle box trailers to trailer parts and the patented TuffMate 2000. As far as custom trailer manufacturers go, Trailers 2000 is the best you can find in Australia. We can help design and build a trailer unique to you or your business. Some trailer types available from Trailers 2000 include:

  • Painted galvanised trailers
  • Tandem axle box trailers 
  • Hot dip galvanised trailers
  • Box trailer with cage
  • Hydraulic tipping trailers
  • Galvanised car trailers 
  • Painted car trailers
  • Large enclosed trailers
  • Luggage trailers
  • Pantech trailers
  • Tradesman’s trailers
  • Off-road trailers
  • Mower trailers
  • Water cartage trailers
  • Plant trailers 
  • Livestock trailers, etc.

Why choose Trailers 2000?

Trailers 2000 designs and manufactures the best range of galvanised trailers in Australia. All of our trailers are built to be tough and long-lasting. The parts and accessories for our trailers are Australian designed and of the highest quality. There are so many reasons to consider purchasing a trailer from us. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of them.

  • Built Tough philosophy 

The Built Tough philosophy emphasises strength and durability in the manufacturing process. Trailers 2000 has also incorporated this philosophy into its trailer-building process. 

Our trailer chassis have more cross members, ensuring better strength and durability. First, the Chassis is made from high tensile SHS and RHS, and then there’s a square section cross member every 300mm along the entire length of the trailer.

  • New generation wiring/lighting

Trailers 2000 uses smart wiring throughout its trailers. All wires are passed through a hollow section, ensuring that they are protected from stones and deterioration. Also, our galvanised trailer range comes with weatherproof LED lights, which are superior and brighter. 

  • 2-year warranty/ 2-year free Roadside Assistance

Trailers 2000 offers one of the best warranties when you purchase a trailer. Each trailer you purchase from us comes with a 2-year warranty period. That’s not all: you also get access to free Roadside Assistance when you purchase a trailer from Trailers 2000. So you’ll never be stranded on the road as our roadside trailer assistance runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Note that Trailers 2000 is the only manufacturer in Australia with trailer assist services.

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  • Rent then Buy

If you are short on capital and need a trailer for your business or home, then our Rent then Buy option is perfect.

Not only do you get the trailer of your choice, all payments that you make contribute towards owning the trailer.

With our generous terms, you get 50% of your rent back off your trailer if you choose to buy it at the end of the first year.  If instead, you decide to continue renting your trailer past the first year, then you will get reduced rent for the entire additional time you choose to rent your trailer.

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  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions

Trailers 2000 prides itself on designing and manufacturing locally-made trailers. Every trailer you get from us is built right here in Australia. One critical aspect of our production process is testing. All of our trailers undergo rigorous testing in the harshest Australian conditions to ensure that the end product is durable. You can rest assured that the Trailers 2000 trailer you buy has the capacity to withstand our Australian conditions.

  • Government VTA approval number

To ensure compliance with best practices, the Australian government introduced legislation compelling all trailer manufacturers and retailers to meet certain safety requirements and specifications. This is known as Vehicle Type Approval (VTA).

If your trailer is not VTA approved you will not be able to register it on Australian roads. 

Trailers 2000 has been granted a VTA number from the government and is certified to manufacture trailers and trailer products for Australian roads. When you purchase a trailer from us, you’re making a smart investment.

There are so many more reasons why Trailers 2000 is far ahead of other trailer manufacturers in Australia. There’s no better time than now to make that trailer purchase. Contact our experts today to enquire about the trailer that is perfect for you.