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Australia’s Tuffest Trailer: TuffMate2000 Polyethylene Trailer

Australia’s Tuffest Trailer: TuffMate2000 Polyethylene Trailer

13 - Oct - 2016

To coincide with the release of our revolutionary new product, the TuffMate2000, we’re pleased to introduce you to our guest writer, Global Rotomoulding. In this article, the Global Rotomoulding team are sharing some awesome insights into the design and development process of Australia’s tuffest trailer.

A trailer is just a trailer, right? What’s there to be excited about?

Well, how about a polyethylene trailer that is rust-resistant, and so strong you can strike it with a sledgehammer and see almost no effect?

That’s the TuffMate2000 - a revolutionary product inspired by the next generation of thinking!

A trailer you can be excited about

The TuffMate2000 was designed in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading rotational moulding, engineering, physics, and industrial design experts.

Global Rotomoulding operate a world-class plastic manufacturing facility here in Queensland, and we were thrilled to collaborate with Trailers 2000 to bring their vision for the next generation of box trailers to life.

A trailer that’ll set the new standard for trailers worldwide

From start to finish, the TuffMate2000 took about two and half years to develop. We rigorously tested it to see how it would react against the sun and, crucially, ensured that it would handle a heavy load in any condition.

One key element, the mounting system, was specially designed to allow for a growing and shrinking process needed to handle high temperatures, essential for surviving in Australian conditions. Another great benefit of the polyethylene body is that the colour pigment is all the way through and therefore you can’t scratch or chip the colour off. Overall, this trailer is an extremely tough package, and we think it’s the only trailer you’ll ever need!

A trailer built tough using advanced rotomoulding techniques

Rotational moulding is a plastic manufacturing method with unique design, production, and economical advantages. It’s a low-pressure process, using heat and rotation to melt plastic into the shape of a mould. While designing the mould is a highly technical process, once perfected the mould can be easily replicated over and over again to produce products with outstanding strength, durability, and superior load-bearing properties.


A trailer that is disrupting the industry

The TuffMate2000 was an inspiring project to work on because it gave us the opportunity to share our rotomoulding knowledge in a marketplace that has traditionally been dominated by steel. In our opinion, steel trailers could be improved in two major ways: they’re highly susceptible to rust and corrosion, and their heavy weight is not as economical to tow.

By designing a double-skinned, rust-resistant trailer with UV stabilisation, we’re disrupting the market and showing people that there is a better, safer, and more cost-effective alternative. You can leave your TuffMate in your backyard all year round and not have to worry about keeping it out of the rain or the salt air. You can pile it high with heavy rubble, or pack it to the brim with furniture, and rest easy knowing that it’s designed by some of the best in the industry.


Want to learn more about custom rotomoulding or the TuffMate2000? Be sure to visit the Global Rotomoulding blog or get in touch today.