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Trailers 2000 and Mal Leyland Supporting Aussies

Trailers 2000 and Mal Leyland Supporting Aussies

25 - Mar - 2018

"Laraine and I needed a new small trailer so we choose one from Trailers 2000 because they are made here in Australia and in the event that anything goes wrong with it we can call the factory and have it attended to. Not only that, but by buying Australian made we are supporting our country and the vital industries that make it such a great place to live. 

We travelled almost 9,000 kilometres without a hitch and it was loaded to capacity all the way. It tracked easily and we hardly knew it was on the back of our small motorhome. We would urge anyone seeking a reliable trailer to look at the Aussie-made product first. We came across several broken imported trailers on the roadside as wrecks. We’ve been there ourselves with trailers that are not up to the job. Our advice is to buy Australian, keep Aussies in jobs and have a good time exploring our great country."


Mal and Laraine Leyland